Kicking Valentine’s Day into High Gear!

I am officially kicking Valentine’s Day decorating into high gear! Yesterday I shared with you my wooden branch heart wreath. Thank you for all your nice comments about it. I wasn’t sure anyone would like it because it looks so…well…different.

Do you remember my snowman wreath made from a Dollar Tree placemat?

Well, I was given the opportunity (by my  messy boys) to make a Valentine’s theme one.

You can view my tutorial for making the placemat “Just Like New” by turning it into a “Bee Mine” garden flag at I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar!

I’m guest posting there today while she hob knobs with THE Martha Stewart! Is that like 2 degrees of separation for me? I’d like to think so.

Have a great Thursday y’all! See you tomorrow for yet another Tool Tutorial Friday.


  1. I LOOOOVE your valentines flags.. I am obsessed with garden flags but these are two of the cutest I have ever seen! :)
    I also love your wooden heart wreath, very creative and cute!!!

  2. I am loving that wreath! My hubby loves cutting wood, so I might add this to my “honey-do” list! (He won’t let me near his precious saws…)

  3. Did you use acrylic or fabric paint since it’s going to be outside? Also, did you spray it with any coating to protect from mildew? Thanks! :)

    • Amanda, the fabric paint I used is latex or acrylic based. I didn’t spray it with any coating and after a year of hanging up, there was some slight mildew, but I can throw it in the washer. The only visible signs of aging are that the big red puffy heart has faded in the sun. 😉

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