Tybee Whitecaps Tour

Whitecaps Tybee Island Home Tour | pretty handy girl

First let me say, I truly saved the best for last on this Tybee Mermaid Cottage house tour. Whitecaps is one of the old Officer’s homes and it is dripping with details. From ornate coffered ceilings to gorgeous furniture and antiques.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

And with a front porch that looks out over the sea, you can not find a more relaxing place to sit and sip coffee.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

Before we begin the tour, I have to share some exciting news with you. Mermaid Cottages has offered to let me giveaway a two night stay in one of the Mermaid Cottages on Tybee Island, GA. I can’t even begin to tell you what a sweet little vacation this would be for the winner! Be sure to read to the end of this post to learn how you can enter to win!

The tour of Whitecaps begins…now!

When you walk up to this beautiful house, it’s impossible to overlook the gorgeous original brick sidewalk leading to the front entrance.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

Old Reynolds Block bricks pave the path. Each brick is glazed and some are stamped. Beautiful colors make up the varied color palette. A quick internet search led me to the origin of Reynolds Block. They were made by the Tennessee Paving Brick Company of Robbins, Tennessee.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

Whitecaps was built circa 1897 for the officers during the Spanish-American war.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

It is situated on the Northern end of Tybee Island in the old Ft. Screven community.


The front door opens into the most amazing and breath taking foyer!

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

I’m always looking at doors. The patina and age on the knobs and locks seems to whisper thousands of stories from hands that have turned the knob before me.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

Off the foyer is a cozy living room with some of the most beautiful coffered ceilings I’ve ever seen.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

Next to the living room is a beautiful dining room with gorgeous exposed brick and more ceiling details. I have to tell you a secret about that rug. Upon closer inspection you’d notice that it is actually the back that is showing and it had stripes painted on it. What a great way to revamp a cheap or stained rug!

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

The branches used as curtain rods adds some casual to all the elegance…

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

…and the nautical knot tie backs are more fun beachy details.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

More beautiful exposed bricks surround the oven in the kitchen.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

The antique mirror in the hallway stole my heart. If only I could have brought it home with me, but honestly I don’t have a spot grande enough to do it justice.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

Upstairs are several bedrooms, like this quaint striped bedroom.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

I told you I had a thing for doors. The cracks on this door, are true signs of age that can not be faked.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

One of the bedrooms had an amazing wood framed fireplace.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

The details in the wood are beautiful. We won’t talk about the creepy childrens’ portraits in the tiles, let’s just pretend they aren’t there.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

Another bedroom with beautiful ceilings.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

I love the painted dresser and the blue gumball machine!

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

One of the upstairs bathrooms is perfectly outfitted with an antique claw foot tub.

White Caps Tybee Island House Tour | Pretty Handy Girl

Is this house amazing or what? Want to see more? Check out Rhoda’s tour on Southern Hospitality. Or learn more about the details in Whitecaps on the Mermaid Cottage rental page.

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Disclosure: This giveaway was provided by Mermaid Cottages of Tybee Island. I was given a free stay in a Mermaid Cottage while visiting Tybee Island. I was not told what to write. All opinions and words are my own.


  1. All the Mermaid cottages are wonderful! Whitecaps is my favorite! What a wonderful, calming place to stay…Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I have fallen in love with the Old Love Cottage. I have been looking at places to rent along the coast and I’m thinking it might be a wonderful retreat for me, my sister, my niece, my mother and my grandmother. A four generation women’s retreat.

  3. I love Barefoot children. It looks amazing!

  4. The Blue Moon over Tybee and Blue Star cottage sound lovely…I would love to be close to the beach! My husband and I got married last summer and were not able to take a honeymoon! This would be lovely to win:)

  5. What a wonderful giveaway! I have wanted to go to Tybee Island for some time, but its a long way from home. I love the Mermaid Cottages and have been touring them on line. A great retreat for my family!

  6. Actually, Crabby Jo’s looks AMAZING

  7. I love the Cottage on the Green ” B ” circa 1929. The design is simple and comfortable!

  8. Jackie Ellett says:

    This has been a fun tour! Thank you for posting all of these cottages now for the hard part….which one to stay in!

  9. Yvetta Real says:

    Any of the cottages would be wonderful! I love the history that Whitecaps has! Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway!

  10. The Screened Inn was my favorite, but they all look so delightful – it was hard to choose which was the best!

  11. Oh my Brittany, what a fabulous giveaway!!!! My mouth dropped open when I started reading this post. Definitely Whitecaps is my favorite, oh my oh my!!! I think I did all the Rafflecopter widget things. I sure hope I win, thank you for this opportunity!

  12. Dorothy Tegeler says:

    I liked the Breeze Inn.

  13. GG Bocchino says:

    Loved the tour-Great photography!
    Always wanted to visit Tybee Island.
    I’m not sure where to list of cottages is to choose one. But if I don’t win, I’d like to take advantage of the coupon offer.

  14. It’s been a long cold winter! This mermaid cottage looks like heaven right about now. Fabulous fabulous giveaway!

  15. Candice Janco says:

    I love Tybee! My husband and I plan to move there someday. It’s so wonderful!

  16. They all are so lovely! I’d love to stay in any of them.

  17. They all have their own great quirkiness! I like A Mermaid’s Tale.

  18. Nicole Payne says:

    Whitecaps is so classic Tybee. What a perfect beach getaway. Crossing my fingers!

  19. And of these cottages would be make a charming stay in this beautiful area. Yeah, I have the same love for old doors and aged knobs!

  20. Can’t believe how beautiful these cottages are, love them all!!! Never been to that area, would love to go!!

  21. jerri czosek says:

    It’s so hard to choose, I would love to stay in all of them. The Whitecap is special because it’s historical & the decorating is just beautiful. Mermaids Tale is another, that I just adore. Your posts really have created the desire to visit Tybee Island.

  22. Paws & Paddles would be my choice so we can bring the furbabies with us!

  23. I have seen several of the cottages on Tybee Island through various blogs and I have to say this one is my favorite, hands down! Whitecaps.

  24. A friend and I will be in Savannah in April, and it would be perfect to stay 2 nights at Whitecaps.

  25. I’ve never been to that area before, so any of them would be absolutely perfect! Especially if it would take me away from this cold and frigid Kansas weather! This particular cottage is beautiful and I’m very attracted to the historical aspect of it!

  26. Whitecaps is my favorite!

  27. susan bourgeois says:

    Love the tour! Such a beautiful cottage with lovely details!

  28. What a great giveaway! I love the whitecaps

  29. Lindsey Wolfe says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! Next week my husband goes in for some major surgery and has a 4 month recovery the follows. I would flip out if we won something like this. What a great way to celebrate after his recovery is complete and he is back to his old normal self! :-) EEK!!! Fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed! EEK!!

  30. susie lavender says:

    We took our daughter’s Girl Scout troop to Savannah and we visited Tybee and worked on a badge there. We really would like to revisit and see all those adorable little cottages.

  31. wow – this place sure is gorgeous -Good luck to all – thanks so much for hosting this giveaway – it would be a dream to stay here!

  32. wow – this place sure is gorgeous -Good luck to all – thanks so much for hosting this giveaway – it would be a dream to stay here!!

  33. Love the reclaimed bricks- I had a similar project where I created a backyard patio space from a demo’d Victorian a few years back. I don’t miss moving those suckers around, but I now have a good supply for other projects as well- garden bed edging, raised beds, and additional walkways.



  34. Lisa Cooper says:

    Oh my, I am in love! All the Mermaid Cottages are delightful! My favorite is probably Blue Moon over Tybee. I want to live here!! What a great giveaway! Hope I win!

  35. I love Tybee- I’ve heard of the mermaid cottages but hadn’t gotten to see inside until now. I love them all, but I think WhiteCaps is probably my favorite- love all that history and charm. Thanks for hosting!

  36. I’d love to visit Tybee Island, in fact it would make the ideal place for our annual visit back to the US to see our family while we are posted overseas.

  37. Typee Island looks SO beautiful – I have seen it posted on several blogs I read and everyone can’t say enough good about it! All of the cottages look just beautiful – hopefully someday I can go there!

  38. OMG! What a giveaway! I would love to win and finally get to see this beautiful island.. so serene..
    And the cottages, oh my. I’d live to spend some time there. And my family (hubby and son) would love this too!

  39. What a beautiful place! I have always wanted to visit Tybee Island. Pick me! Pick me!

  40. I really loved the laid back relaxed Screened in but you’re right, Whitecaps is surely the most beautiful.

  41. Oh my goodness- they are all so lovely! Screened Inn was my favorite… but I think Whitecaps tops that now! Such a dream when it’s 2 degrees here in chilly Massachusetts :)

  42. Oh no! None of my entries went through!! It kept telling me my entry couldn’t be accepted for any of the options :-(

    I love all of Mermaid Cottages listings. Mary Kay Andrews’ books started my love for Tybee and she led me to Mermaid Cottages. I would LOVE to stay on Officer’s Row, but since I only have a family for 4, I could never justify renting a house that large.

  43. I would love to stay at Ebbtide or Breeze inn that Mary Kay Andrews owns, but I think they are all so cute! I really want to go there for my 50 birthday coming up.

  44. Linda Harris says:

    I love the Breeze Inn, Was there 4 yrs ago and loved this house in my drives around island, We did nt stay there though sadly

  45. What a wonderful giveaway you have here. I would love to win it, so I can take my two daughters and mother for a ladies getaway. It’s hard to pick a favorite, they are all so charming, but I guess I will go with the Breeze Inn.


  46. It looks like a gorgeous place to go. It’s hard to choose, but I’ll with Screened Inn as my favorite.

  47. I would love to stay at any of the Mermaid Cottages, but the Whitecaps cottage looks exceptionally lovely.

  48. I love them all but especially love the Dutton-Waller cottage!
    Great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  49. I’d be happy to stay in any of them. I’m just in desperate need of a vacation!

  50. Thanks so much for showing us these amazing cottages and having such an awesome give away! It’s below zero and snowing in Iowa. They all look like paradise to me!


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