Toilet Paper Pumpkins

I thought I’d sneak one more fun craft in before Halloween. Don’t fret, this craft takes about 5-10 minutes. You’ll spend more time gathering the supplies than you will creating it.

My sitter came over to make these pumpkins with my boys. I was a little skeptical when she asked for three rolls of toilet paper, but the results were so stinkin’ cute!


Toilet Paper Rolls
Fat Quarter of Fabric
Sticks for stems
Tissue Paper
optional: acorn, sweet gum tree ball or other natural elements

Step 1: Lay out your fabric, and set your roll of toilet paper in the middle.

Wrap 1-2 sheets of tissue paper around the sides.

Step 2: Tuck one corner into the center of the toilet paper.

Step 3: Continue tucking in the fabric, folding any fabric under that won’t quite meet the center of the toilet paper.

Step 4: Fluff your pumpkin sides and work with the fabric until you have a nice round pumpkin shape.

Step 5: Add your stick to the center. You can glue an acorn to the top, or tie your natural elements on using your ribbon.
 Add ribbons or other embellishments if you wish.
Step 7: Enjoy! But don’t tell your prim and proper friend that you have toilet paper on your dining room table! It will be our little secret.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Those are so stickin cute and looks easy to do!

  2. SO adorable! I just love this idea! Very resourceful! :0)

  3. you definitely have an awesome sitter!

  4. Mandy [Mandipidy] says:

    Adorable!!! And such a resourceful idea! :]

  5. Something Nice and Pretty says:

    Those are so cute and easy…I'll have to try that, love the fabric you used!

  6. Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish says:

    Those are too cute!! I love em! I will have to remember that one for next year!

  7. nickys nook says:

    pumpkins have to be one of my favs right now i am going to copy ur idea i hope they turn out as good as urs

  8. Sweeter Hours says:

    Adorable! Lovely Thanksgiving centerpieces. Conversation starter :)

  9. Sherry Rhoads says:

    My girlfriend showed me these… her hairdresser had one. I brought the idea home and started playing with it. I am a quilter and have loads of leftover batting. I used the batting to wrap them and then pleated and folded the material into the center of the toilet paper rolls. SO CUTE !!! Glued silk fall leaves to the top of each!!

  10. I shared this on the Howdy Honey FB page and Twitter. NO EXCUSES! Anyone can be crafty! ;D Thanks for sharing this easy project!

  11. If this isn’t the cutest dang thing. I love you’re “stinkin’ cute” bwahahaha. I’m definitely gonna do this with Santino & his sissy. One question – what’s a “fat quarter”? :p

  12. Kathy Walsh says:

    What is the size of the material – dementions ?


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