Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Every year my son’s elementary school has a staff and teacher appreciation week. It sneaks up on me and catches me off-guard (every year!) I REALLY appreciate those men and women who give their time and patience to my child and the other kids in the school. So, I want to make sure I give them something a little different than a card (not that a card isn’t a nice gesture though.)

This year, I spotted some glass votive holders at Goodwill (my latest free time hangout location), and knew I could do something special with them.

Then while doing laundry I found myself staring at the succulent plant that I had received from FreeCycle.org. I had been neglecting it for a while and yet it still continued to thrive. Eureka! I had my gift idea!

Decorative plant rocks
Potting soil
Glass votive holders
Cardstock paper

Start by filling the bottom 1/3 – 1/2 of the votive holder with the decorative rocks.

Spoon soil on top of the rocks.

Set the plant into the soil and fill in any bare spots with soil. Water the plant until the rocks are underwater, but not the soil.

Print out the gift tags  (Download my tags for free HERE!) and cut them out.

Punch a hole in the top.

Tie a string of raffia loosely around the plant and attach the tag.

Deliver to school with a big thank you and an “I appreciate you” smile!

So, tell me, if you were a teacher, would you appreciate this? Or is this just another tchotchke collecting dust on your desk?


  1. can your children be in my class? Because I want teacher appreciation gifts like this!! (…and I’m sure your kids are a joy!!)

    The teachers will love this!

  2. Becki Foster says:

    I love it! Some may want to take it home and put it on the kitchen windowsill and it will be a reminder everyday that they are appreciated.

  3. I LOVE this idea! I think succulents are so lovely and unique. If I were a teacher, I would truly appreciate it. I think you can’t go wrong with plants. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are adorable! I love the idea and the message. I have to share on my FB page!

  5. If I were a teacher I’d love it, the tags say it all!


  6. Those striped succulents are sooo pretty. I have a terrible black thumb, but maybe I could keep something like this alive :0) I might have to give it a try this year!

  7. Brittany, you are on a roll! I just read your last four posts and now I’m all jazzed to go create something. Hooray! Lisa~

  8. This is a great gift that is out of the ordinary! I love your little note too. I’m sure they’ll be loved and unexpected!

  9. Love this simple but thoughtful gift! I always appreciate a plant that can survive my classroom that has low light and little maintenance!!

  10. As a teacher, I would definitely appreciate the easy-care plant because I have a tendency to accidentally kill green things. Any thoughtful gesture from a parent is appreciated.

  11. Yay! I am a first grade teacher and this gift idea is wonderful! I love that it is something that a child could help with. It really does make it special. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  12. Wonderful gift idea! Beautiful presentation!

  13. hi! i love your page. i love your can-do attitude :) i always hold myself back from purchasing things because i am always thinking well i could make that so i dont want to spend x-amount of dollars on it! but then i never have the time to make everything… never ending cycle! anyways, i love it!

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  14. Very nice idea! As someone who works in a school setting I can say that those little plants would make a great gift for teachers. Especially because we tend to forget things(like gifts) at work during breaks or over the weekend, so a gift that needs little care is perfect! I have a window ledge in my office that could use a little plant…off to the garden section I go! Thanks for the idea!!

  15. I am a teacher and think this is an absolutely adorable gift. Gifts are certainly not expected, but this gesture would be much appreciated. The thoughtful note is also lovely.

  16. I am a teachr and I love plants in my rooms. I would love to get this. I think I will make some for my daughter’s teachers this year!

  17. That is bad I spelled teacher wrong in my post – I teach English LOL!

  18. Teacher gifts, hostess gifts, plants for my own home that maybe I won’t kill … the possibilities are endless. I think several of these would look good lined up down the middle of a dining room table (minus the ribbon and note, of course). Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Nice idea! This could also be useful to other occassions. I love the tag that says your message. I definitely would recommend to one of my friends. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Can you tell me what kind of plant you used? Love love your idea…its a wonderful gift.

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