No Solicitors Sign

We live on a quiet cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood in Raleigh. Things are usually peaceful, but every so often my son’s peaceful naps were interrupted by: DING DONG! And when I answered the door, this is who greeted me.


I finally decided to halt the door-to-door salespeople in their tracks. Especially after a neighbor informed me that sometimes these so-called salespeople aren’t actually selling anything. There have been a few incidents of burglary in our neighborhood, and one of the burglars had actually knocked on doors the day before. Apparently he was casing the home to see what homes were empty at what times. And hoping to peek inside and see if there were any valuable items inside. Scary! Especially when I’m home alone with the little ones. So, this got me thinking.

Next time I was at Goodwill, I searched for two small picture frames.  The frames I bought were in good shape, but I added some new paint and glaze to give them a freshened up look.

Then I printed out a simple message on decorative paper and inserted it into the frames.

I definitely don't want to turn away those little munchkins that might be selling something sweet to eat!

I hung one sign by our side door.

And put a second one inside the storm door of our front door.

I can honestly say that we have not had a single unwanted salesperson knock or ring our doorbell since I hung the signs.

I’m not the only one who can’t stand solicitors, Becca from Blue Cricket Design cut some vinyl for her side light by her front door. I can’t help but smile everytime I see it. 😉

Blue Cricket Design's Sign

Want your own No Solicitor Sign? I’m sharing mine with you HERE!


  1. I have never (knock on wood) had a solicitor…even of the Thin Mint selling variety…but I know of people who have the no solicitors signs and they still get knocks from various church people or people asking for bottles & cans for a bottle drive that then start a sales pitch. But me? Not even a trick or treater! And I live on a very very busy street!! 😉 Maybe my house isn’t inviting like yours is 😉 hehe

  2. This is great. The wording is perfect. I’ve been wanting a sign that lets the neighbor kids know it’s still ok to come over with school fundraiser sales, but chases off the weird people from the meat packing plant that show up in our neighborhood once a month. Thank you.

  3. Love the sign! I’ve contemplated doing something like this also. Seems like someone is always knocking on the door trying to sell us something. I find it highly annoying (unless of course they are selling food).

  4. This is a great sign. I get those unwanted solicitors but never the sweet treat ones. You aren’t that far from me. I live in Columbia,SC.

  5. You are my hero! Fabulous sign. I too do not want to send away the friends and neighbors from our local schools. I enjoy supporting those kiddos, just like other have done for our children. Thanks for the great idea. :)_

  6. This is something I have been wanting to do for my family and I. I have heard those stories of burglaries and it scares me… There was also an article in the paper a few weeks back about some of the sales-people around here were arrested for fraud… I have gotten to the point now though where if I look out the window and I don’t know you, I don’t answer lol.

  7. I totally agree. During our short stint in a neighborhood in a decently large city, we got one or two a month. Usually didn’t wake up any nappers (thank heavens), but I really didn’t like the hustling I usually got, or the guilt trips, etc. And they were all for things I didn’t need, didn’t want, or didn’t use. (Or all three . . . lol)

    I eventually hung up a no soliciting sign as well (but without the caveats, because we can’t eat gluten, sugar, food coloring, dairy, soy . . . you get the idea. Not so fun.

  8. This is a GREAT idea! I hate having solicitors come to the door and make me feel guilty for not buying whatever they are selling.

  9. Oh my goodness…my neighbor and I were saying last month how many crazy solicitors we’ve had lately on our street. It seems they like us. We even had some guy trying to sell his science fiction novel door to door – offering to sign it personally!! I would text her so that she would have a head’s up! I put a nice, pretty sign inside the window – of course, my kitchen looks right out on the porch which can make for a good/bad scenario. I haven’t had a solicitor for a month – until today. They guy hardly got a word out of his mouth and I sent him packing {nicely}….love your idea. I may need to make one more permanent! I also love the vinyl, too!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  10. I love it!! It’s perfect! We live in an older subdivision with lots of retired school teachers and we live within a 2 block radius of 3 schools and 2 churches. We get lots of solicitors. Even with a No Soliciting sign up, it is still so bad that my husband had to disconnect the doorbell.

    I sure don’t mind the kids coming to my door, but during the week in the middle of the afternoon, it isn’t kids and they don’t have anything I want.

    I love the Girl and Boy Scouts, the festival queens & princesses, the church kids doing a scavenger hunt for food for a food drive…however, I don’t need a financial planner, insurance salesman, my carpets cleaned, my driveway shoveled, etc.

  11. I bought a magazine from a teenager once who had been dropped off in a van in our neighborhood. It was for a “boys club” and I needed to renew a mag so I did it. WELL, he basically stole my identity by using the routing number on my check…scary! Needless to say, Girl Scouts only! And Boy Scouts. Or Y Guides. Clearly I need a cutie sign like yours! :)

  12. I’ve just started to read your blog and am enjoyed so many of your posts.
    – Joy

  13. What a great idea! With a yard full of dogs, we don’t get solicitors at our house. At work we have a no solicitor sign and it has stopped no one. Hope your sign works better than ours!

  14. Ha! I knew those darn “art” salesmen were up to no good.

  15. We get solicitors all the time and it drives me INSANE. I just don’t answer the door. The just ring and ring and I ignore. I think I need a sign!

  16. Love the sign, thanks for sharing the print. Although our subdivision has a No Soliciting sign at the entrance, it doesn’t stop ’em. Maybe this sign will :)

  17. I love this! We get solicitors all the time. I even have a rock next to my front door that says “No Solicitors”. They don’t pay attention to it. I think I’m going to try this one to see if it has effect on them. I hate solicitors. I always look out the window to see who it is before I answer-don’t recognize them then I don’t answer. I’ve told my kids not to answer the door once they have looked out the window and don’t recognize the person. Thank you for the great idea!

  18. Great article. I never would have thought that someone knocking on the door is just a reason to see who’s home/who isn’t and what stuff they have. I’m going to tell my dad about this, too. We live in an apartment complex, so we’re fairly lucky that way. We don’t get soli citors. There is a co u ple that goes door to door and sells homemade tamales. I always purchase from them :) :) Your sign is really creative. The one from Blue Cricket Design is also creative and makes me laugh :) :) Thanks for the awesome project and safety tip!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 😉

  19. We live in Raleigh too. Quite scary to see the solicitors come around! And the sign at the front of the neighborhood doesnt steer them away.
    What a great idea for the front door. I just cleared our target of their clearance frames… I could use one of those! Did you seal it?

  20. Such a great idea!!! I am lucky enough to live where there aren’t really solicitors, but should I run into this problem I will definitely have to adapt this idea.

  21. carol ann from camdesign says:

    great post, thank you for sharing your pdf… sad that we live in a world where people think it’s ok to releave others of their belongings… I think your sign is completely wonderful!

  22. Ahhh, wonderful idea! I don’t like solicitors at my door either. I usually don’t answer the door if I don’t recognize the person, but hanging a sign might prevent them from ringing the doorbell in the first place. I’ll have to consider this. Thanks!

  23. Ashley P says:

    We have a no soliciting sign hanging right above the doorbell and it doesn’t seem to register with anyone. We still have sales people, religious groups, and others ringing our doorbell. :/

  24. When I hear all your tales of salesmen I thank my lucky stars for living so far off the beaten path. In fact, if they actually ventured out to my house I might have to listen to they’re speach just for making the effort! haha

  25. Brilliant! I love the list.

  26. we don’t get many solicitors around here. When we do, they are very, VERY pushy and annoying! I don’t feel the need to put up a sign, but I doubt a sign would even stop some of them!

  27. Thanks. I had man yesterday that made me so angry that it made me go on a google search for a no soliciting sign. This is perfect. I am making my sign today.

  28. Love it. I am glad yours is working for you. I only just put mine up so we’ll see. I’m really not a mean person but you’ve gotta draw the line.

  29. Thanks again for the sign!!!!!!! I had occasion today to print one out -ugh!! It is now ready for the next time. Although, my windows next to the door are a bit recessed and I will have to find a better place. I will not be caught off-guard again!

  30. I stumbled onto your blog while looking for a nicer no soliciting sign that I could make myself. I live in Raleigh as well and we have an abundance of annoying visitors in our neighborhood. I just wanted to say I’m glad I stumbled here because I really like your blog!

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