Mom Cave – Who Knew There was such a Thing!

If you are an addicted blogosphere surfer, you are probably aware that there are two contests being sponsored by Home Goods right now. If you blog or write about your own personal Mom Cave, you could win $250 to spend at Home Goods! And what Mom couldn’t use that?!

Enter Your Mom Cave at Centsational Girl or at Between Naps on the Porch.

So, I wracked my brain trying to think of a space I could makeover into my own personal Mom Cave. Then I realized – HELLO – I already have a Mom Cave! My guest room is just that, a retreat from the 3:1 boys to girls ratio in our home!

From the moment I enter my Mom Cave I smell sweet blooming roses,
and a potpourri of floral soaps in a dish by the window.
This is the room where I sit to sew and create,
or read a new design magazine.
This is the room I can lock myself inside and stop being Mom for a while.
Among the fluffy pillows is where I sleep…
…when Pretty Handsome Guy is sick.
(Secretly, I can’t wait for him to travel for work so I can sleep in my girl’s retreat again.)
The walls are the perfect english cottage garden green.
A perfect palette to display fresh flowers and greens against.

Lest you think I spent a lot of money in this room, you will be surprised to learn that almost everything in this room was a trash-to-treasure creation. You can read more about my finds for this special room here.

A small desk and chair both broken and discarded.

And this little trash bench was made new again and given a  home by the window.

So, do you have a Mom Cave? If so, definitely show it off! Give us mamas something to drool over!

Whether you do have a Mom Cave or not, I encourage you to enter the Mom Cave contest here or here. Good luck y’all!


  1. Sawdust and Paperscraps says:

    What a beautiful room. Good luck.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Great room! I love the print on the fabric covering the bench and the chair.

  3. Korrie@RedHenHome says:

    This is a beautiful room! No wonder you can't wait for an excuse to use it.

  4. this is such a calming room i would always be in there and the green (never was much a green person) is just beautiful.

  5. Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal says:

    I love the colors of this room. The quilt is so pretty and the fabric you used on the chair and bench is so cute!

  6. Oh you lucky girl! It's a beautiful room!

  7. Beautiful room! I'm a new follower and am really enjoying your blog.

  8. Nice room! Especially love the picture window.

  9. pozypeacock says:

    Your room is truly beautiful and relaxing. You have wonderful decorating skills too.

  10. It's a lovely room Brittany.. I especially love the little padded bench and the white chair with the floral fabric on the seat. I'm just about to transform one of those myself.
    They had a piece on 'mum [or woman] caves' on 'The View' a few weeks back. There was lots of pink. ;o)
    Jo xx

  11. When you start your interior design business, I'm going to be the first one in line. Would you mind moving to upstate New York??

    Good luck! It sure looks like a winner to me!

  12. the bedside table made from fence is so awesome! Yet another clever thing that I could never have dreamt of myself….

  13. Holy creativity! I just to happened to “fall on to” your blog. although I am not a country style. I love it all!!!! techniques for any style. I began my search for painted beer glasses….. I Have been on your pages for quite some time now. You rock!( in a woman cave Kinda way.

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