Inspired by Spring Flowers

Oh happy day! My spirits are being lifted by the showy flowers that are blooming outside my window. This post is for those of you that are still suffering through this brutal winter. My thoughts are with you often, and I hope these colors help brighten your day and let you know that Spring is on its way.

So, grab a warm drink or blanket and sit back for a few minutes of buds, blossoms and blooms.


When there is so much colorful artistry outside, I couldn’t help bringing a few inside.

I wish you had smell-o-vision. Those little white flowers on the left are called Daphne, and they have the most fragrantly sweet lemon scent.

I’m going to try to root some Daphne shortly after the flowers fade. Apparently that is the best time to snip them, add some rooting hormone, and stick them in a pot. Wish me luck!

I found this decanter set at Goodwill last week and they are the perfect size to hold a few daffodils at our table.

Does anyone else’s child have Staff & Teacher appreciation week coming up? Ours is this week, and I found an economical solution for the multitude of gifts I needed for each teacher, office staff, bus driver, etc. I’ll be sharing that with you later this week!


  1. Isn’t spring magnificent! Beautiful photos…love the pear blossoms!

  2. It must be spring flower day. I just blogged about the same thing. You have a lot more open buds than we do. Your pictures are amazing. We need that encouragement to get through the rest of the winter. Thanks for posting them.

  3. You are ahead of my area for spring. So far I have crocus and snowdrops. Thank you for the spring flowers today.
    – Joy

  4. Rondell says:

    Thanks YOu!!! It sure isn’t that way around here, I love what you found at GW!


  5. Thank you for all those great flower shots!! I needed that! We can finally see the ground here, but we are still in that gray in between stage where things are still melting and thawing. Great reminder of what’s to come!

  6. Ahhh… don’t you just love flowers?

  7. Hi PHG!

    Just ‘stumbling’ around and saw the flowers. So many thanks for posting them, I needed it! We have been sub zero now since the middle of November!

    Just today it has started to thaw a little, so your blooms were a welcome reminder of what is coming. Be a few more weeks yet though. The snow is piled high in places that might not melt till May!

    So nice to see after a long winter,
    Stay well,

  8. Gorgeous flowers, thanks for sharing them! I am only slightly jealous =P Between you and my sister who lives in NC, I have been getting a nice dose of early spring. I did notice some bulbs poking through the dirt yesterday though, yay!! Now, off to find out more about Daphne! =)

  9. I love all your spring pictures! Its so nice that plants are starting to bloom.

  10. This post made my day! It snowed today, enough so we had to get our snowblower out. Ugh. Love to see your beautiful flowers.
    I definitely will be back to visit your blog so I can get my creative juices flowing. There are a couple projects around my house I am trying to get the energy to tackle.
    You go girl!

  11. Thanks for all the beautiful photos and sharing the beautiful spring you’re enjoying!

  12. Ahhhhh…..those pictures are so soothing to me! I can not wait for Spring to come knocking on my door!! New growth in flowers and everything around me just makes me happy!

  13. These flowers should be fairies from spring .
    Good pictures and skills of flower-arranging !
    I like it .

  14. Wow! Those are some amazing shots!!! YOU ARE SO GOOD!!!

    I’m so ready for Spring! SOOO READY!!!


  15. beautiful..i wish it would rain more here..but the bluebonnets are out..yay! now to find batteries for camera.

  16. Beautiful! I can’t wait for spring to come and stay here in East TN!

  17. Oh how beautiful!! None of our flowers are blooming just yet, it’s still quite cold,and the snow can’t decide if it’s going to stay or go.

  18. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been trying to find out for 3 years what the 2 shrubs on either side of my back steps are. DAPHNE!! The most wonderful fragrance!!


    just simply gorgeous. hurry Spring, hurry!

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