Indoor Hopscotch using Painter’s Tape


When the weather outside is frightful and your kids are less than delightful, lay a roll of painter’s tape on your floor and soon your kids will be having fun indoors.

How about that for a quick little limerick? Well, this project is almost as quick. All you need is a roll of painter’s tape (I used ScotchBlue for delicate surfaces, but you can use any type) and a pair of scissors.


Lay out your hopscotch grid on the floor. (It was easy on our square tile floor because the tile layout acted as a guideline for our course.)


Add numbers inside the squares.


And let the kids loose. Soon they’ll be a hop skippin’ and a jumpin’ that energy away…


…well, maybe not all their energy.


Have fun and help me pray for Spring to come soon!

Anyone else have any great ideas to let kids burn off energy indoors? Please, leave me a comment, I need help here (this Mama has a kitchen to build!)



  1. a bit random, but the picture of the skipping kiddo has put “rapper’s delight” in my head. i said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you don’t stop…

    that’s going to be stuck in my head all day, haha.

  2. So clever! Duct tape is amazing. Just subscribed to your blog. Looking forward to gathering more handy tips! :)

  3. Playmobile was one of my best investments when we were remodeling! Plus drawing all over the plywood…

  4. Hey Brittany, Loved this indoor hopscotch game. And I always like to share some non-stamping, family friendly ideas on the weekend. I loved sending my readers over to learn more about your game!
    Thanks! Julie

  5. I did a similar thing for my little boys. I took the painters tape and made a roadway all over the hardwood floor for their little cars. They LOVED it! Of course that tape stayed on the floor for weeks instead of just days!


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