DIY Lemonade Lip Balm

DIY Lemonade Lip Balm | Pretty Handy Girl

Happy Summer! Warm days and soaring temperatures always put me in the mood for lemonade. For a little end of the year gift for my sons’ teachers I whipped up a small batch of DIY Lemonade lip balm. But, this is a fabulous gift to make for a girlfriend or anyone who needs a little ray of sunshine. I’m joining in with Kristen Duke’s Birthday Celebration Blog Hop with 101+ Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends!

Materials and Ingredients:
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DIY Lemonade Lip Balm | Pretty Handy Girl

Yield: Recipe yields enough to fill three 1/2 oz. jars. Feel free to double the recipe to make more.


1. Combine beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter in a glass measuring cup (or other glass container.) Set the glass in a saucepan filled with 1-2 inches of water. Heat the water and stir the ingredients until they are completely melted.

DIY Lemonade Lip Balm | Pretty Handy Girl

2. Remove the glass from the sauce pan with an oven mitt or hot pad.

3. Add 15 drops of doTerra lemon oil to the mixture. Stir quickly before the mixture begins to harden.


4. Pour the mix into small jars (I’ve been saving these L’oreal eye cream jars for a while now. But, you can also purchase similar polystyrene jars here or lip balm tubes.)

DIY Lemonade Lip Balm | Pretty Handy Girl

5. Let the jars set until cool and the contents have hardened.

DIY Lemonade Lip Balm | Pretty Handy Girl

In the meantime, you can download your printable Lemonade Lip Balm gift tags! I created a variety of “Lem’me wish you …” sayings to choose from:


Cut them out, punch a hole in it and tie them on with baker’s string for an adorable and inexpensive gift idea.

DIY Lemonade Lip Balm | Pretty Handy Girl

I had such a hard time giving these away. They will make your mouth water when you smell them. And it’s sure to boost your mood. Lemon is a natural anti-depressant.

DIY Lemonade Lip Balm | Pretty Handy Girl

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101 Birthday Ideas for Friends

And definitely follow the Birthday Gift Ideas Pinterest Board as well, to save future great ideas.


P.s. Hey, I wanted to let you know a little secret of mine. I’ve been using these printed vinyl sheets from Leen the Graphics Queen as my backdrop. They are tough, can be rolled up and stored away and can be wiped clean after each use. And they look great!!!

Chippy wood backdrops by



  1. Mmmm I can almost smell it! Love lemon! Pinning this post! :)

  2. YUM! I kinda want to just grab a spoon and eat it instead of put it on my lips, lol! :)

  3. Lemon is my FAVORITE!!! I’d love to get this as birthday gift!! Awesome!

  4. Super cute and I love lemon anything! I bet this smells so good!

  5. You had me at lemon!!

  6. mmmmm! What a fun idea this is!

  7. These look so adorb! I love anything lemon, might have to make a batch of these for myself & my gf’s! Love that there’s so many different moisturizers used. Thanks for sharing in detail :) :).

  8. Woah LOVE this lip balm!! And the vinyl sheets tip?! Ummm you are a rock star!! THANK YOU! xo

  9. Yum! I have to try this! Thanks for the printables too!

  10. Ohh, love this idea! Will definitely try this. :)

    Love this #birthdaygiftidea hop!

  11. Great idea, thanks!! :)

  12. Just made this in tubes for our family reunion “white elephant” sale. The recipe filled 8-.15 oz. tubes. I’m having the same problem I always do though-the “burnt rubber” smell is overpowering the lemon scent :( My beeswax and shea butter both have that smell-I just don’t know how to get around it.

  13. The mild and moisturizing ingredients could render this balm excellent for dark spots/circles for the under eye area, don’t you think?

  14. Where are you getting your supplies from? I buy my beeswax, shea butter, and cocoa butter from New Directions Aromatics and have never had that problem :/ I hope you can figure it out!!! The only thing better than good lip balm is good lip balm you can take credit for making 😉

  15. Sorry that was supposed to be a reply to Karen… don’t know why it didn’t land under her comment!

  16. omg, I love this so much! I am going to the store, buying these materials, and making this ASAP. Thanks for sharing, and I love your blog xx

  17. I purchased mine from amazon-they are both supposedly “100% pure” I have to figure this out-I can’t wait to experiment for the fall!!!!

  18. that’s odd-I replied under your question Laura

  19. are they refined? I’ve heard that would remove all the impurities and smells

  20. Would you recommend heating the EO longer over double boiler to burn off a bit of concentration? What about the photo toxicity of citrus EO’s to sunlight?

  21. Tina Hamaker says:

    where do you get your supplies?

  22. do you think there is any substitutions for the shea butter coconut oil ect. because its not available for me thanks

  23. Tara Schreiner says:

    Hi! I love this pin idea, and I wanted to make some of these for my friends. But I was wondering where you bought your glass jars or bottles in this picture. Thanks!

  24. I love the idea of making homemade lip balm and am very much looking forward to trying your recipe! I will be using lemon flavor oil though, not essential oil. I have been looking into the idea of consumption of essential oils and have learned that respected aromatherapy and herbalism organizations teach their members not to recommend internal use of essential oils. I will take their word over multi level essential oil marketing companies.

  25. I just made this and I am absolutely in love with it!!! I suffer from the driest lips known to man and this just might be heaven sent. It is so thick and creamy and smells so delicious. I’m also wondering if it wouldn’t be a wonderful cuticle cream. <3

  26. This is a very nice and simple recipe! I’ve never tried making my own lip balm but this seems to be a very easy recipe. Though I’ve read the comments and noticed that there are burnt smells from lemon. I think this recipe could be used as a body butter as well. It contains lots of oils and shea butter, might as well try if there are some left overs. Thanks for the tips!


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