DIY Colorful Coffee Stirrer Keychain

coffee stirrer keychain

Hello Pretty Handy Girl readers, Jaime from That’s My Letter back again to share a fun craft project.  Today we’re making DIY wood keychains using coffee stirrer sticks.

If you love coffee just as much as I do, what could be better than a nifty craft made from coffee stirrers!

coffee stirrer keychains 1

The pattern possibilites are endless, stripes, diagonal, rainbow, chevron and on and on.  And what a great gift or favor idea for a party – you could paint them to match the party color scheme.

coffee stirrer keychain sticks

I may or may not have borrowed a few wood coffee stirrer sticks from my local coffee shop with a green and white logo.  Of course, I let my daughter do the dirty work but you only need about 5 sticks for one keychain.  Or more appropriately you can purchase coffee stirrer sticks or thin wood craft sticks from most craft and hobby shops.

coffee stirrer keychains 3

The painted coffee stirrer sticks are sealed with clear gloss varnish which gives a super hard finish that will hold up to everyday wear and tear while protecting the wood and paint.

Try one and I guarantee you’ll be hooked — then you’ll be making different styles and versions for everyone you know in a school or team color scheme ;-).

coffee stirrer keychain 4


coffee stirrer keychain supplies

  • 5 wood coffee stirrer sticks
  • acrylic craft paint
  • small paint brush
  • basswood (purchase one stick at 36″ l x 3/32″ thick x 2″w)
  • super glue (gel version is best)
  • scissors
  • rubber bands
  • clear gloss varnish (Americana DuraClear or similar)
  • sandpaper
  • clear gloss polyurethane spray (optional)
  • drill & small drill bit
  • keychain hardware



coffee stirrer keychain step 1

Step 1: Paint wood coffee stirrer sticks desired colors using acrylic craft paint.  Paint the edges too but not the back.

coffee stirrer stick step 2

Step 2: Using scissors, cut the basswood backer to size (backer in above picture is 2″ square).  Cut coffee stirrers in desired pattern, for an arrow pattern like above cut stirrers at a 45 degree angle, don’t worry about overhang. Draw a center guide line on backer and layout all pieces.

coffee stirrer keychain step 3

Step 3: Using super glue gel to adhere wood coffee stirrer pieces to basswood backer.

coffee stirrer keychain step 4

Step 4: Once dry trim excess stirrer bits.  Using a scissors and working from the back slowly and carefully trim off any pieces hanging over the edge.  You want a clean finished edge on all four sides.

coffee stirrer keychain step 6

Step 5: Attach coffee stirrer borders.  Begin with 2 opposite sides, use super glue gel to adhere sticks to square, sticks should be flush to the back and leave a lip edge on the front.  You need this lip border to 1) hold clear gloss varnish sealer in place and 2) cover up all rough edges.  Use a rubber band to hold stirrers in place while drying.

Step 6: Once the glue has dried, trim overhanging stirrer pieces with scissors and repeat Step 5 for two opposite sites making a complete wood stirrer border.

coffee stirrer keychain step 7

Step 7: To seal the paint and wood, apply multiple coats of clear polyurethane gloss varnish.  I applied about 5 coats to create a thick, hard surface so the keychain will hold up to daily wear and tear.

coffee stirrer keychain step 8

Step 8: Sand any rough edges especially at the corners and any excess super glue on the back side.

coffee stirrer keychain seal

Step 9: Give a final sealing coat of clear gloss polyurethane spray.  Don’t forget to flip over and spray the backs too.

coffee stirrer keychain hole

Step 10: Drill a small hole in the desired location and insert keychain hardware.

coffee stirrer keychain 2

If your keys could use a Spring makeover, why not add a DIY wood coffee stirrer stick keychain?

coffee stirrer keychain car

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These are so lovely, I can’t wait to have a go. I have a friend who is just moving into a new home, this would be perfect for her new house keys!

Hey This is really very beautiful, creative and attractive too. I tried it at home. It was not as much good as yours but ok. I gave it to my girlfriend. She really loved it. And saying thanks to you too. It s wonderful.