Our Cork Floors – One Year Report

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A year has flown by since I laid our Globus Cork glue down tiles in our kitchen. I wanted to check back in and let you know how they are holding up.  I must say this is one of my favorite (if not THE favorite) fixture in our kitchen. I had some minor doubts because some people feared that dogs and cork floors don’t go well together. Or that rambunctious boys would ruin them. Well, I’m here to report that after a year they still look the same as when they were installed!

Update: Our Cork Floors One Year Later | Pretty Handy Girl

I can tell you that there has been lots of chair scraping. Lots of matchbox car races. Lots of wrestling and plenty of Buddy sliding on them as he runs to retrieve balls.

Update: Our Cork Floors One Year Later | Pretty Handy Girl

I have yet to see a scratch anywhere! The only mark that I did manage to make was a small dent when I dropped one of the heavy corbels and it hit the floor right at the pointy edge. But, I can’t even find that dent to be able to check on it.

There is also one dip where I must not have filled a knot hole in the underlayment. But, it is barely noticeable unless the light hits it just right:

Update: Our Cork Floors One Year Later | Pretty Handy Girl

These are the things that I love most about our kitchen floors:

  • They are super soft underfoot
  • They are warm
  • They are forgiving, you can drop glass or plates on it and they rarely shatter
  • They are tough, no scratches from the dogs nails or chairs moving on them

My biggest compliment is that they don’t show dirt or dog hair! (And that’s good because I only clean them once a month with warm water and some Bona floor cleaner.) The picture below is our current floors, three weeks post cleaning. There are plenty of crumbs, dog hair and smeared food on that floor, but I challenge you to find them:

Update: Our Cork Floors One Year Later | Pretty Handy Girl

I can without a doubt recommend these to anyone who is interested. You can purchase cork flooring like ours at Globus Cork. They have an excellent product and great customer service.


Disclosure: After lots of research, I selected Globus Cork because I liked their product selection, the product reviews and their customer service.  I approached them about working with me on my kitchen renovation. They agreed to partner with me. I received complimentary products, but I was not told what to write or share. Please know that I am very selective about which companies and products I chose to work with. And I will always disclose partnerships and sponsored posts to you the reader.

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I have always liked the thought of cork as my grandmother had it in her kitchen and I just loved the feel of them but I wasn’t sure about the look of them. How you did yours looks fantastic!! I love it. Definitely back on the home wish list. So glad to see they last well also.

Wow, I would have never guessed that cork would hold up that well. Your floor is beautiful. I especially like the “clean every 3 weeks” feature. I would probably stretch it out a bit beyond that, though. :)

Thanks for the update, I remember seeing the floor and the pattern when you posted before, thinking that pattern is sooo cool! So above average..unique! Interesting, and very attractive.
I have read cork is not good in bathrooms and kitchens, I guess whoever said that is wrong! good! If I had known then maybe I would have done cork instead of vinyl planking. I like a shiny floor and vinyl planking is more matte. oh well. At least I didn’t fall for laminate. Your floors are beautiful!

cork is something I am absolutely considering for our kitchen floor. yours look great. and I think it’s great that you took the occasion and circled back for a report like this. Cheers. Brittany.

I had never heard of cork floors before but seeing this you convinced me that it was a great option! I will definitely consider it when I need to change my kitchen floor! I suppose you used it in the kitchen but it could be used anywhere? A living room would be nice with this flooring!

I love your floor! I really love your pattern! My son actually bought enough cork flooring off Kijiji to do his kitchen / livingroom area. With a big dog and a kitchen reno happening, it has held up incredibly well.

I am intrigued. Globus’ site is interesting. Would mind sharing which texture you used? Nugget, Striata, or Traditional?

Lovely!! Can I ask which two colors and texture of Globus cork you used? We are ordering samples for our kitchen and struggling with what colors to consider based on the small images on their site. Thank you!!!

Is this product made in a western country or the USA. Also, what if a dog has an accident and pee pees on the floor; will it retain the odor once cleaned up?

We are thinking about this for our family room. Your design work looks beautiful and the coloring is awesome.

Thank you.