How to Compost – Magnificent Garden Soil

How to Compost - Secret Gardening Formula | Pretty Handy Girl

Do you compost? Oh my gosh, if you don’t, why not?!!! It is easy, it’s great for the environment and it will result in amazing nutrient rich soil that surpasses anything you can buy from a store! Some of the additional benefits are that you will reduce the amount of trash you produce and keep things out of the landfill.

Now, I totally understand if you are living in the big city in an apartment and really don’t have space for compost let alone potted plants. But, if you have a yard, you really should be composting! It’s easy, it takes very little time and my little gardening BFFs (aka worms) do all the work for you.

How to Compost - Secret Gardening Formula | Pretty Handy Girl

That’s right, they eat up all your kitchen and yard waste and turn it into beautiful black soil. How do they do it? Well, if I tell you, you have to promise that you won’t get grossed out. They poop it out. LOL. Yup, compost is decomposition and worm castings (a nicer word for worm poop.) Please don’t run away, find out how easy it is to create this magnificent garden soil.

Here’s the basics for how to compost and get top quality soil for your garden and landscaping for FREE!


What can be composted?

How to Compost - Secret Gardening Formula | Pretty Handy Girl

  • Kitchen scraps
    • raw fruits
    • vegetables
    • egg shells
  • Coffee grounds and the filter
  • Newspapers, non-glossy cardboard, paper towels
  • Leaves (brown for carbon and green for nitrogen rich)
  • Grass clippings
  • Plant & flower clippings
  • Yard waste

What can’t be composted?

  • Meats
  • Dairy products
  • Processed foods
  • Plastic
  • Man made substances
  • Metals

Okay, you get the picture. Only raw fruits and veggies (and egg shell) kitchen scraps okay?

How to Compost:

Keep your compost bucket in your kitchen. We keep ours under the sink, but if you have a pretty container you can leave it on the countertop.

How to Compost - Magnificent Garden Soil| Pretty Handy Girl

After cutting veggies or fruit, toss the scraps in the bucket. Coffee grounds can get thrown in filter and all. Egg shells (believe it or not) are also great for your compost.

When the bucket is full, dump your scraps outside in the compost pile. Your pile doesn’t have to be anything special. Ours is simply a hole in the ground. A shady spot is ideal so the pile doesn’t get dried out. If you’ve had a dry spell for a while, go ahead and water the pile.

How to Compost - Secret Gardening Formula | Pretty Handy Girl

Occasionally throw in some torn up strips of newspaper to add some “carbon” source to the pile. The key to a healthy compost is to have a good mixture of green (nitrogen rich) vs. brown (carbon rich) materials. Don’t overload on grass clippings or yard waste.

How to Compost - Secret Gardening Formula | Pretty Handy Girl

Flip some fresh soil on top of the scraps and walk away! That’s it. What about my BFFs, the worms? If you start the pile, they will come. Trust me, they’ll find your pile. If you’re super antsy, you could buy some red wigglers from a fishing bait place, but honestly why bother? Soon you’ll have big fat overfed worms happily working for you for free. Go back in 2-3 weeks and check on the progress of your magnificent garden soil.

How to Compost - Secret Gardening Formula | Pretty Handy Girl

I usually grab my magnificent soil from the bottom when I need it. But, you can split your pile in two. Use one side to add scraps to and let the other side “marinade” to perfection. Then switch sides. Frankly my little worm army works pretty fast. Within a month they have produced enough compost to fill some potted plants and more. I rarely buy soil anymore unless I need a huge amount.

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How to Compost - Magnificent Garden Soil| Pretty Handy Girl

So, what’s your excuse for not composting? It better be a good one!




  1. michelle f. says:

    my grandpa used to raise worms to sell to the bait shops in the area back in the sixties and seventies to help supplement his disability payments. my grandma had the best vegetable & flower garden plus her potted plants and ferns were just awesome. she used the worm castings from all of grandpa’s worm beds to fertilize with. grandma called it “super poop”.

  2. Great tips in good detail. Thanks for the post, always after tips like this!

  3. Lotoya Jackson says:

    You are so awesome! I just love you. I recently purchased a little house and cannot wait to get my yard in order! Thank you for the great ideas!!! Oh, I just love you!!

  4. I alway wanted to try this…thanks for making it seem so simple! And I did pin it :)

  5. Do you not have issues with wild animals eating the scraps?

  6. Rosalina Davis says:

    I’ve always heard of composting and I’m glad to learn its this easy! I have began a flower and vegetable garden recently in my yard. Will the worms be pests to my garden or do they only eat dirt? Thank you for this informative and fun article.

    • Rosalina, those little worms are truly your BFFs! They continue to condition and aerate the soil in your garden! They don’t eat live plants or their roots that I’m aware of.

  7. M Abdalla says:

    i used to compost in plastic container with bottom holes
    it is simple and easy way
    i used to put suitable layer of dry leaves then daily adding of kitchen scrubs of veg. and fruits
    it takes few weeks to fill the container with mixing every few days then surface layer of dry leaves again then some soil or old compost then turning the container upside down every few days
    it takes about 3 months to be ready when it becomes third of its original size with change of colour to brown and disappearance of bad odour
    when its odor look like soil following rain this means your compost is ready to use

  8. Had to share this with my viewers! Great pic / diagram for those who are confused or skeptical of composting.

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