25 Ideas for Tabletop Gardens and Terrariums


As the weather changes and the flowers start to wane outside, it’s a great time to focus on bringing natural beauty indoors. I’ve gathered some beautiful and unique ideas for creating your own tabletop gardens. For those with less time to water, may I suggest trying one of the succulent or cacti gardens. Regardless of the plants you use, I love the wide variety of creative containers used for these mini-environments.

Let’s get started with some beautiful tutorials for planting a tabletop garden:

1. Easy Terrarium in Minutes!

Like me, Emily considered herself a serial plant killer, until she planted some easy terrariums in just minutes!

Easy DIY Terrariums in Minutes

source: How Does She


2. Make Your Own & Save Hundreds of Dollars

Have you seen the price of terrariums in stores and florists? Wow. Brittany breaks down all of the steps so we can create our own for a fraction of the price.

Make Your Own Terrariums

source: Pretty Handy Girl


3. Tabletop Garden in Glass Vases

Glass containers make perfect vessels for table top terrariums. You not only see the succulents, the layers of soil and rock add wonderful visual interest too.

Succulent Terrarium

Source:  Thrifty Ninja


4. Margarita Glass Cactus Garden

It’s five o’clock somewhere! For something unique and festive, how about margarita glasses?  Since they’re shallow, succulents are the perfect choice.

Margarita Glass Planters

source: Crafty Chica


5. Round Globe Terrarium

Kate has a few terrariums in her home. The tipped round globe is a quirky and stylish home to a variety of succulents.

Round Globe Terrarium

source: Centsational Girl


6. Beachy Terrarium

To bring the beach to her, Kate topped the soil with sand and adding some seashells and driftwood.

Beachy Terrarium

source: Centsational Girl


7. Mason Jar Terrariums

Wait, pull those mason jars out of the recycling! Why not plant some pretties in one, or three?

Mason Jar Terrariums

source: SAS Interiors


8. Tabletop Cactus Garden

Another wonderful plant for tabletop gardens are cacti. Loads of color and texture make them wonderful to gaze upon.

Tabletop Cactus Garden

source: Inspired by Charm


9. Easter Terrarium

What a lovely natural centerpiece this would make for Easter! The dangling egg and a couple of tiny blossoms add a little touch of Spring.

Easter Terrarium

source: Terrain


10.  Create a Water Garden

Water Gardens are a stunning idea for tabletop displays. Megan created this lovely centerpiece that will take her all the way through winter (and beyond!)


source: RadMegan


11. Faux Weathered Clay Pots

Instead of glass, these  terra cotta clay pots are a beautiful vessel for your tabletop garden. Simply “weather” them with a little white paint to soften the look and highlight the pot’s texture.

faux weathered clay pots

Source: Yellow Bliss Road


12. Plant a Garden in Something Unexpected

Sara created a succulent garden for her patio in an outdoor ceiling light fixture. What a great example of upcycling and proof that you can use all sorts of containers for a terrarium.

DIY Succulent Garden

Source: Mom Endeavors


13. Old Light Fixture Terrarium

Liz Marie saved this old light fixture from the dumpster, added some moss and a little nest. Thus creating a charming no-fuss terrarium!

Old Light Fixture Terrarium

source: Liz Marie Blog


14. Bell Cloche Terrarium

Brittany created a tabletop garden with this lovely cloche, adding color and sparkle with crushed glass.

Succulent Garden in Bell Terrarium

source: Pretty Handy Girl


15. Create a Wire Cloche for a Succulent Garden

For an unexpected twist, create a cloche out of chicken wire and a serving tray. Isn’t this fun?

DIY Wire Cloche

source: DIY Show Off


16. Kitchen Fairy Garden

A fairy kneeling on a jello mold. A fence of butter knives. These are just a couple of the vintage kitchen items Charlene incorporated into her adorable herb garden.

Kitchen Fairy Garden

source: Organized Clutter


17. Miniature Tabletop Fairy Garden

Melissa planted this sweet fairy garden using creeping plants to edge a rock ‘stream’.

Miniature Fairy Garden

source: The Inspired Room


18. Bird Feeder Planter

It doesn’t have to say planter to be a planter. This adorable chair planter was originally a bird feeder. Chris scooped it up and turned it into a beautiful floral centerpiece.

Bird Feeder Planter

source: Just a Girl


19. House-Shaped Planter

Beth at Home Stories A to Z built her own little house for planting succulents. Adorable! It gives a whole new meaning to “house plants”. 😉

House Shaped Planter

source: Home Stories A to Z


20. Succulent Centerpiece Using Birch Logs

Birch logs and succulents might seem to be an unlikely pairing but together they make an unusual and stunning centerpiece.

Succulents & Birch Log Centerpiece

source: Sawdust & Embryos


21. Industrial Tiered Tabletop Garden

By using hardware store items, Beckie created a fabulous juxtaposition of greenery and industrial chic. The tiers add just enough height to fill vertical space or stand alone.

Industrial Tiered Tabletop Garden

source: Infarrantly Creative


22. Create Fun & Unique Centerpieces

Succulents in tin cans were the perfect pairing  for a graduation party — a boy’s graduation party, I should say.

Succulent Centerpiece

Source: Cottage in the Oaks


23. Tiny Terrarium in Light Bulbs

These tiny terrariums make great favors for weddings and parties. Just make sure to keep one for yourself!

Lightbulb Terrarium

source: A Subtle Revelry


24. Plant a “Faux” Garden

Gather some moss, pinecones, and other organics to create a completely care-free terrarium.

Faux Terrarium

source: McLaughlin Designs


25. Beach Bound

If a woodland terrarium isn’t to your lichen :-). How about another “no kill” terrarium that brings the sound of the ocean to your table top?


source: At the Picket Fence courtesy of Finding Home

If you saw something you want to add to Pinterest, please be a responsible pinner and pin from the original source. Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you found some inspiration in these lovely tabletop gardens. Have you planted any yourself? What kind of plants did you use, in what sort of container? I’d love to know!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful ideas. There is really something into walking inside a house that has flowers on the tabletop. Whether it’s plastic or real plants, it just gives me a pleasant feeling. Of course, I prefer real plants and I will definitely try one these.

  2. Love these terrariums – thanks so much for sharing these lovely, creative ideas! I couldn’t stop staring at the water garden terrarium!
    Great post!

  3. Beautiful round-up of terrariums! We have one on our back porch and I love how easy it is to maintain!

  4. You know, an advantage to terrariums like this is if you have kitties like me who are habitual plant chewers. I can’t really have any plants about that she doesn’t investigate and bite/chew. She isn’t always eating them but she really likes to bite things. She would have a field day with the water garden which is a shame because I adore that.

    I may not be able to live without the fairy garden though. Maybe I can make a few as gifts and live vicariously through my friends and family who don’t have dustructo kitties?

  5. Pretty creative. The lightbulbs and tin cans have to be my favorite. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing from 3girls1apple.com

  6. I LOVE terrariums. I don’t have any yet though ( unless the fern in the cute tiny blue pot perched inside my giant yellow lantern counts?), but I agree that Fall is the time to whip one up!


  7. Hi Colleen! Hi Brittany! Awesome round up. I’m honored to be included! There’s no such thing as too many, right? 😉

  8. Thanks for including my kitchen fairy garden in your round up!

  9. We love this idea, it can change with the season and the size of the area you have to fill.

  10. you have a great blog and creative ideas.. love it… :)

  11. These are great! Thanks for the inspiration =)


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