10 Uses for Old Windows


Last week I replaced our kitchen window with a new casement window. It’s beautiful and I’m in love. But, I feel bad for the old window.


The window is sitting neglected and abandoned beside our house. Whenever I walk by, it begs me for a transformation. I’m thinking I could make any one of these ideas with the old window!

Scrapbook paper in window for decorLiz Marie added decorative paper to create a beautiful accessory


butterfly window dream bigResin sealed letters and a butterfly for wall art


funky junk interiors window photo displayFunky Junk Interior added some string to an old window to create a photo display frame


artist's inspiration chalkboard bulletin board windowMirrors, bulletin board, chalkboard and buckets make an artist’s inspiration and art storage


old window greenhouseChristina’s Signs of Obsessions turned old windows and table legs into a greenhouse


old window message center and mirrorA family memo center is created from an old window with a ledge added 


old window cabinet doorBryan Appleton Designs creates custom cabinets with old windows for the door


old window with wreath on mantle
Add a wreath for a spring mantle display


kitchen island from old windowsOlive Out made a kitchen island with a large old window


old window mirror and picture frameOld windows used as a mirror and picture frames

What would you do with a perfectly good old window?Have you transformed an old window and posted about it? Do tell!



  1. Great ideas!!! Can’t wait to see how you jazz up your neglected window!

  2. I especially love the kitchen island! So unique and beautiful. Here is my repurposed vintage window: http://www.alwayssomethinghome.com/2012/12/making-old-window-useful-and-beautiful.html.

  3. Thanks for the feature, girl! What a great round up!

  4. Our old windows were aluminum sliders and totally ugly. Also replaced way before we were into doing this kind of thing, or even would have thought of it. Whenever I find windows like yours the price is astronomical. Jealous!!!

  5. Great ideas! Pinned :)

  6. Brittany how about ‘quilting’ your window:
    I have a good stash of old 9 pane windows just waiting for some love, thanks for all the ideas.

  7. Brittany, I really love this article. Those are some great DIY ideas. I particularly love the window used as a mirror.

  8. I have a few old wooden windows I would like to mount pictures to the back of the glass. What’s the best way to mount them?

    Thank you!

    • Diane, sorry for the delayed reply. I mounted the photos to mat board using double stick tape. Then pressed the mat board into the back of the window. If the mat board is cut exactly to size, it should be able to stay after being crammed into the corners. If not, use a little dot of clear caulk to hold it in place.

  9. What a creative way to utilize old windows, they defiantly make great creative home decor. Thank you for writing this post!

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