10 Cool Gifts that Every Handy Guy (or Gal) Would Love


As an avid DIYer, I know that Father’s Day is a great time to pick up great bargins on DIY tools and more. But, sometimes picking out the right gift for that handy person in your life can be a little daunting.

I decided to create a list of cool products that I know I’d want in my workshop and I think your “handy” person would too. And hey, if this list is great for the handy gal or yourself instead, then so be it!

There are a variety of gifts to fit every budget (and all under $60!)


$129.99 – Campbell Hausfeld Finish Nailer and Air Compressor Set

This set usually only goes on sale once a year, so buy it now before they sell out! I bought the same set two years ago and it is still shooting nails like the day I bought it. Perfect for trim moulding and small woodworking jobs.

$47.68 – RCA Under Mount Radio/CD Player/MP3 Docking Stereo

When working in the shop I love listening to music or NPR (This American Life is my fave.) This stereo hugs the underside of a shelf or cabinet so it won’t take up valuable workbench space. Plus, it plays CDs and has an MP3 docking station for your iPod or digital player.

$37.49 – 3M Digital Work Tunes AM/FM and Mp3 plug-in Hearing Protection

You may have seen our review for these 3M Digital Work Tunes ear muffs the other day. But, we still think these hearing savers from 3M Tekk are the bomb! Pretty Handsome Guy loves to use them while mowing the lawn, so he can rock out or listen to the game at the same time. I just like to be-bop-a-lou-bop while I’m using those loud power tools. Luckily we haven’t had to fight over the pair yet.


Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.02.26 AM

$109.99 – Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter Hyperlock with Universal Fit and Constant Speed Control Oscillating Tool Kit

This is a tool that I’ve seen my contractor reach for many times. It is invaluable for cutting out sections of trim, removing baseboard and moldings so they can be re-used. Cutting nails from under siding and much much more. Call it tool-envy, but I want one of these for my workshop!

$12.00 – Family Handyman Magazine – (for 1 year)

Family Handyman is one of my favorite DIY instructional magazines. Almost every month (11 issues per year) you get a variety of home improvement, home repair and woodworking tips and tutorials. You might want to clear some shelves to save the back issues. You’ll never know when you want the plans to build that amazing shed in a past issue.

$149.24  – 38 piece Kobalt Xtreme Socket Set

This socket set really appeals to me because I have so many socket sets (metric, english, deep, crescent wrenches, yada yada.) A set of these sockets would eliminate the need for all those others and limit the number of trips climbing down the ladder to try to find the correct socket for that one bolt that needs tightening.

$29.20 – 6 pc. Irwin clamp set

While wandering the aisles of Lowe’s yesterday, I slowed down (for the 10th time) in front of this set of Irwin clamps. Back when I started my clamp collection, I made the newbie mistake of buying a cheap no name clamp. I have regretted that purchase ever since. Cheap generic clamps don’t hold tight and the shoes slip off. Plus, the grips are not even close to being ergonomically designed for anyone’s hand!

A year ago Irwin sent me one of their clamps to try. My socks were blown off. I had no idea that a clamp was supposed to be easy to use and rugged. For under $20, you can give heavy duty clamps for the workshop and I don’t know any DIYer that can’t use an extra set of hands.

$24.97 – 50 pc. Kobalt Speed Fit Drill and Drive Bits

Last year I decided that my time was too valuable to loosen the chuck on my drill every time I wanted to change a bit. This may sound petty, but when you are drilling pilot holes for screws and then screwing them in, this can be time consuming. Plus, a round based drill bit can loosen halfway through drilling and drop out of the drill.

A speed set that has hex bases makes changing bits a snap. Pop in one bit and pop it out in milliseconds! BAM! This set has both screwdriver bits and drill bits, what more could you want?!

$44.99 – 10 pc. Red Tools for Kids

This may seem like an odd gift item for the handy guy. But, as any parent knows, there is very rarely a time when your kids won’t venture over to see what you are doing and want “to help you.”  These tools are prefect to entertain the kids by letting them work in the shop as well. What I like best is that the tools are not cheap plastic tools. They are real metal tools sized for a child’s hand. They are recommended for ages 8 and up, but under supervision a younger child can use them. You can set out some scraps of wood and let the kids entertain themselves while you finish your project.

$10.69 – Magno-Grip Magnetic Wrist Band

Get those nails out of your mouth! Any handyperson knows that you can ALWAYS use an extra set of hands. Sometimes a nail in your mouth is the only way to solve this dilemma. I’ve been known to put screws in my pocket only to forget about them and get jabbed in the thigh later when I sit down to dinner {ouch}! Now, I can have an extra hand with a magnetic wrist band. Perfect for holding more nails, screws and extra driver bits.


And if all else fails, Number 11:

$ You Choose the Amount – Gift Card

My family has pretty much given up on ideas of what to get me. So, every year for birthdays and Christmas I usually get a few of these tucked neatly in a card. And frankly these are the gifts I love the best because it feeds my DIY habit. Heh, heh, heh!

I hope this list helps you get that Father’s Day shopping done so you can get back to your DIY projects!

Disclosure: I was not paid to mention or suggest any of the gifts above. 


  1. I have to laugh because I bought mySELF the clamp set…my dh would have NO interest in it!

  2. Oooh boy, I like this list. I totally agree with you Brittany on the speed set for drills. Now that I have one, my impact driver is “the” main tool I can’t live without. The wrist magnet is a cool idea, too!

  3. Thank you so much for this! I was just about ready to leave for the book store to look for my dad a DIY book for Father’s Day. The Family Handyman magazine subscription was so much better and saved me the trip!

  4. I LOVE my subscription to American Handyman. My husband is not the DIY’r in the family so he is getting chocolate for Father’s day.. and I’ll keep all the power tools to myself! 😀


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