What better way to spend Black Friday than with a kindred spirit? This creative genius; thrift and antique loving blogger was so much fun to hang out with today.
Her name is Marian, but you may know her as the fabulous Miss Mustard Seed. If you haven’t been to her blog, you have been deprived! She has the best tutorials for furniture refinishing and her photos are pure mouth-watering candy for the eyes.
When I heard she was in Raleigh for Thanksgiving I asked her if she would like to meet. Little did I know that we would spend the day together along with her sweet mother and mother-in-law.
We had a fun morning wandering through SuzAnna’s Antiques in north Raleigh. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve lived here for 10 years and never knew about this spot. The owner, Jenny assured me that they’ve only been open a few years, but I will be sure to stop back by her place someday soon.
So, here is what we enjoyed feasting our eyes on:
Can’t you just see a family of bluebirds moving into this bird hotel?
John Deer Birdhouse
You could definitely re-create this by using Mod Podge and some color copies.
Then be sure to charge $39!
His and Hers Birdhouses
Okay, I admit it, I have a serious addiction to birdhouses, but you already knew that, right?
Chippy Green Porch Swing
Old Stove
This trough full of rusty treasures made me think of Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.
Loads of Shabby Chic Beauties
Crisp clean white plates on a white washed wall.
This is so easy to achieve, and yet the impact of all these white buttons in a jar is stunning.
If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.
I am such a snow-lovin’ southerner (yes, I realize that I’m in the minority!)
You see that cute little angel? Well, she’s not there anymore, she’s in my home now!
While we’re at it, don’t even drool over those Christmas colored pool balls,
because, they are MINE!
I bought them and am trying to incorporate them into my Christmas mantle décor.
I’ll give you just a quickie sneak peek at it.
I built a mini barn door out of wood scraps I had lying around. As usual, the tutorial will come shortly. And then made this wreath using paper stars that I learned how to make here.

Today was a real treat for me, I don’t normally get to hang around with famous bloggers.

A few things I learned about Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed):

  1. She likes Panera’s home style macaroni and cheese.
  2. She IS as sweet as she seems on her blog.
  3. If she has any spare time (which she rarely does) she will veg out in front of Survivor.
  4. Show her some vintage scales or ironstone and she is sure to buy them.
  5. She has no problem parting with the furniture and treasures she finds. I, on the other hand, can’t bear part with mine.
  6. She will be attending Blissdom 2011 in Nashville, TN (which makes me happy – because, so am I and I can’t wait to see her again!)
One more visual from SuzAnna’s before signing off.
Hey guys, I’m a blog hoppin’ today. Michelle from Dream Home DIY and I are trading places.
Without further ado, take it away Michelle! 

Hello fellow Pretty Handy Girl followers!
I’m Michelle dropping by from over at Dream Home DIY where my sweet, southern beau and I chronicle life’s unexpected (but all together charming) surprises as first time homeowners.

Between leaky master bathrooms on move in day…

…a complete remodel of our living room floor plan just weeks later
(to include a still-in-progress archway)…
…and a front porch revamp with no shortage of new paint and stain…
It is safe to say that we hit the ground at a dead sprint!
“Date night” now consists of us, plus that nice gentleman behind the paint counter at Lowes, hashing out the pros and cons of semi-gloss vs. flat or the perfect shade of teal. And a romantic evening at home involves snuggling up on the couch, dreaming of all the ways we’ll transform this quaint starter home into our Forever Home…the place our future children will take their first steps and where a lifetime of memories will be made.
Together, two novice DIYers fumble, laugh, struggle, and triumph as we take this stark builder basic house and fill her with love…oh, and lots of paint, new fixtures, revamped floors, remodels, craft projects, furniture makeovers and more. And on a budget that might make a poor church mouse cry.
On the horizon?
A fabulous kitchen remodel, master bedroom and bath reconfiguration, new decks, landscaping, painting, furniture construction and re-facing, future additions, garages and so much more!!
One project that holds a very special place in my heart, is the makeover a very special mirror, gifted by my dear mother almost 10 years ago. Each year, around my birthday, my mother would pull out the largest JC Penny catalog I had ever laid my eyes upon and thumb through the pages stopping in the home décor section. Flipping the book so that I was now in control, she would simply ask, “What would you like your room to look like this year dear?” 

Through the years my tastes evolved from pretty princess to bold neon polka dots, but on my 15th birthday I was ready for a “grown up room” and my sweet mother gifted me this mirror.

When we purchased our new home, I wanted that mirror to hold a place of honor and the newly painted hallway seemed up for the task. But it no longer fit into my décor sense. Nothing a bit of spray paint can’t fix, right?
With a coat of paint and bit of glaze, this special mirror was ready to hang.


Incorporating personal treasures is an amazing and important way to make an empty house your memory filled home. We instantly feel cozy and are constantly reminded of those that we hold dear to our heart.

…on two amazing and wonderful blogs:

On Monday, I will be featured on The Hand Me Down House, written by the fabulously talented and thrifty, Amanda. She is a real creative genius and has shared some amazing transformations!  Last week she transformed some ordinary snapple bottles into fashionably sweet vases!

Can you believe these were snapple bottles?!
And earlier in July, she completely transformed a boring Target bookshelf from this:
to – are you sitting down? – this:
On Wednesday, I will be guest posting on another amazing DIY blog, Sawdust and Paper Scraps. Sandra is the author and woodworking diva behind this addictive blog. She has a brother who visited her for 2 days and taught her everything he knew about cabinetry. I’m so jealous, I don’t know whether I want a brother like hers or whether I need to fly out to Chicago and beg her to take me under her wing for 2 days.
Here is just a small sample of what she can do with her power tools:
Okay, pick your jaw off the floor. Yes, she built this entire built-in shelving for her daughter’s play area.
But, it gets better…check out what she did to her basement media room!
Are you drooling too?
I hope you will take a few minutes to hop over to these wonderful blogs. I promise you won’t regret it.