Winner of the $100 American Express Gift Card from Pennington Seed

The time has come, it is time to choose a winner at random to walk away with a $100 American Express card.Tonight I have an assistant to help me choose the winner of the Pennington Seed American Express card giveaway.

Please welcome the adorable Hammie! This adorable little hamster has been specifically trained to draw one name out of a hat at random! Let’s welcome Hammie and encourage him to go fetch one name.

Photo by Giugiaro21 via Creative Commons

Go Hammie, go Hammie, go Hammie!

 Photo by Dgtecnozero via Creative Commons

Wow, he’s already back with a name. Let’s see…hmmmm…well it seems that Hammie got a little hungry and nibbled on the edges of the paper, but luckily it is still legible.

Here is our winner!!

“We use our yard for a baseball field most often. Bare spots where the bases are?? Why YES there are!”

I love how she has incorporated the bare spots into their game. Well, Angie, I hope you enjoy your gift card.

If you don’t know Angie, she is the fabulously talented DIY gal at The Country Chic Cottage. Check out her recent series on DIY decorations for a country wedding!

country chic wedding ideas

Okay and if you are thinking about borrowing Hammie — I have a confession to make — he’s not real (no really!) I thought that it would be a lot more fun than the boring random picking plugin I used.

Have a great weekend y’all! See you next week!


  1. Thank you sooooo much Brittany!! :)

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