Welcome Contributors – Matt & Jacque from The DIY Village


Vanna, can you please reveal who’s behind square two and three? Why, look who it is! It’s Jacque and Matt from The DIY Village.


Not to be confused or associated with the Village People. Although it would be fun to have all of us dress up like this (or maybe not.):

I first met Matt & Jacque at Haven. These two are the dynamic duo of DIY. (If they’d let me in their duo, we’d make a great trio!) Do you sense a tinge of jealousy? I can tell you that I am a little envious of their tandem blogging and DIY projects. Double the fun, double the productivity, double the…you get the point.

diy_village_and_meWhen they aren’t DIYing together, Jacque works in the office of a small landscaping company and Matt is a Firefighter for a local fire department. They live in East Tennessee in a home that they bought in 2011

Matt & Jacque both have some fabulous DIY skills. For example, feast your eyes on their woodland stenciled dresser:

They aren’t just about beautiful furniture transformations. Nope, they haul dirt in the yard to complete amazing landscaping projects like their DIY paver walkway:


And you might remember their fabulous tutorial for installing a split travertine backsplash:

But, here’s why I really like these two. They are the sweethearts of DIY. For example, when Jacque gets a crazy idea in her head, Matt doesn’t question the sanity of her idea. He just jumps in to help.

Matt hand cut a stencil and outlined ALL of those shapes for Jacque.


Not to be outdone, Jacque is one amazing wife. She surprised Matt with his own closet makeover, complete with a hanging hat wall!

She’s an awesome wife and he’s a lucky guy. And now we’re lucky to have them both joining us! Please open your arms wide and welcome Matt & Jacque from The DIY Village as our newest Handy Writers!



  1. So excited to see Matt and Jacque in the line up!! :)

  2. I knew that was you two! Congrats guys. You’ll be awesome.

  3. I am so excited to see them here…I adore both of them!!! They are uber talented!

  4. Awesome addition to the line up! I love Jacque and Matt although I’m a little jealous too. :)

  5. What a great addition! Loved your post and introduction. Can’t wait to see what they share here!!

  6. I LOVE Jacque and Matt! Congratulations, my friends!!!

  7. Two of my favorite DIY couples. YAY for them and you and all your readers.

  8. Awwwww they are adorable!!!! Can’t wait to read more from them :)

  9. LOVE these two!! Excited to see what is in store!

  10. Yay!!! What a fabulous team you guys are going to make!! My favoritest, most talented people on the same blog? Gah…I can’t take it!!! Love Matt and Jacque…a more genuine and lovable pair you won’t find!!! Congrats to them AND you!

  11. Ooooh yay! Er, DOUBLE yay, in this case! :) I LOVE me some DIY village! Those guys are ON IT. I can’t wait to see what they bring to PHG too.

  12. Wow they are amazing lots of great things they have done. Love the pictures.

  13. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I love those two! I can’t wait to see all the awesomeness they’re sure to bring!!!! LOVE!

  14. So excited for you all!! Love Jacque & Matt’s blog! You all are gonna make a great team!

  15. Congrats to all! You and your readers are going to enjoy Matt and Jacque very much so!~Ha, I love that pic of the three of you.

  16. Yippee!! I love Matt & Jacque and all the projects they come up with! A fabulous addition, Brittany! (Oh, and I loved the Village People back in the day, saw them twice in concert. lol)
    Debbie :)

  17. Woohoo! Congrats Matt & Jacque! Love them and can’t wait to see what they contribute to Pretty Handy Girl!

  18. Gets better and better…

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