Welcome Contributor – Jaime from That’s My Letter


Did you guess who my final contributing writer is? Let me give you a hint: “A” is for Awesome and Amazing!


She’s none other than the awesome and amazing Jaime from That’s My Letter!

You know why she’s amazing? Because this girl has some serious building, painting, crafting and sewing skills. She’s like the MacGyver of DIY bloggers. If you give her a stick and a piece of thread she’ll whip up something awesome!

This mother of three lives in the Westchester County, NY area. Jaime has had several of her projects featured on Ana White and designed aprons with Ana for those of us handy gals that prefer a prettier tool belt:

What?!! You aren’t amazed yet? Well, look what happens when you throw Ms. MacGyver a few sticks and pieces of string:

She whips up a DIY play tent!

Still not impressed, well hold onto your seat, because this should knock your socks off:

She built that clubhouse platform bed for her children. Uhh, yeah…she built that! With her own two hands and a stick of gum and a small length of string (totally kidding about the gum and string of course.)

She’s got more amazing DIYness on her blog That’s My Letter. Be sure to check it out. In the meantime, give Jaime a clapping and stomping welcome as a handy writer on Pretty Handy Girl.


Jeff – Home Repair Tutor; Jacque & Matt – The DIY Village; Cristina – Remodelando la Casa; Jaime – That’s My Letter

Thank you so much for your kind comments and warm welcomes to all of my contributing writers. I feel like we have a great team set up to take you out of your comfort zones and become handy peeps yourself!



  1. Thanks Brittany, someone once referred to me as a cross between Martha and Ty (Pennington) = Ms. MacGyver! You are spot on.

  2. I’ve been following Jaime and let me tell you, her work is just beautiful!

  3. Jaime, you’ve got some mad skills.

    Anyone who can be compared to MacGyver is my hero.

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