Unique Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Trying to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit? Need to inject a little romance into your home? Yup, me too! I’m embarrassed to say that I still have my Christmas mantle up. But there is hope on the horizon! Home Stories of A to Z is having a Valentine’s Day mantle link party on Thursday, January 26th! Thanks Beth for giving me the push to get busy re-decorating.

While researching for ideas, I came across some really amazing wreaths made from some unique materials. Cupcake liners, coat hangers, and thrift store wool coats to name a few. Check out these super creative wreaths at Parentables today!

See you next week with a VIA (Very Important Announcement!)


  1. I love each one of these! The Burlap “love” one is adorable! LOVE Burlap:)

  2. The eternal question of what to give someone and that person is just precious? :)

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