Twig Star Decorations

I love nature and her beautiful palette, even as winter sets in she showcases a beautiful white, green and red color theme in honor of the impending holidays. With these colors in mind, I decided to bring a little of this beauty indoors with these twig star ornaments.

The fragrant decorations make wonderful last minute gifts for those hard to buy for people on your list. I mean, the chances of them receiving the same gift from someone else is pretty slim, right?!


  • 5 Twigs cut to the same length
  • KILZ spray primer
  • Twine (used hemp)
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • Scissors
  • Beads and/or bells
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks



Unless you have beautiful white birch branches, you can cheat and spray your branches white with KILZ spray primer.

When they have dried, lay five out on your work surface in a star formation. Align the branches so they touch at the points.

Heat up the hot glue gun and place a large dot on the points of the star.

Glue the branches together. Use glue anywhere the branches touch.

Bunch several strands of rosemary together and tie them to the star.

Tie two red beads or a bell on top of the rosemary.

Tie a third red bead on top.

Wrap twine around the top of the star and add beads to embellish. To secure the bead and twine, add a small dot of hot glue underneath the bead.

That’s it! Hang them on your tree or over the mantle.

Do you recognize those shutters? They used to hold my holiday cards. Make your own rustic shutters by following this tutorial.

They look equally adorable hanging in front of a window. As an option, these three were left unpainted.

Only two more days left of the 10 Days of 15 Minute DIY Gift series. Are you ready for the link party?

I can’t wait to see all of the ideas you have to link up!



  1. Hi, Brittany

    I love these, so rustic and I love your mantle too.


  2. I love everything about these twig stars. Christmas decorations that are rustic and handmade can make a home seem so warm and inviting.

  3. These are awesome, Brittany! Love!

  4. Hi Brittany!
    Beautiful! We have a whole trash can full of twigs and I need a project that’s easy.
    One question: don’t the rosemary leaves dry up and fall off? It’s been a year now, so maybe you have experience to share on that line.

  5. I love it. Now I know how to dress up my fireplace.

  6. I love these! I have made big ones ( tied junctures) and wrapped lights around them– love the little ones and the painted twigs and the embellishments you put on them!!

  7. Very creative stars…I trimmed back some cedar branches a few months ago and they will be perfect for this craft.

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