Tool Tutorials

Below are a list of tool tutorial posts for your convenience. Enjoy browsing and refer to them whenever you need a refresher.

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  1. Thank you for your tool tutorials. You have taught me how to use my miter saw, ciculare saw, nailer and air compressor, and a refresh using my kreg jig. You are a great teacher!

  2. I just watched your circular saw video, and I love it. But I would really like to see a tutorial explaining plunge cuts with a circular saw – how to do them, and when to use them.

  3. This is really great to have Brittany. I do have a question though for you. I need to make some rather small frames for some of my small canvas paintings. They will be odd sizes (like a 6 x 8 or so) since I’m mounting the canvas to a board. What kind of tool would you suggest for joining the frames together. I have a miter box to cut the molding (which I still have to purchase) however, what is the least expensive tool to buy to join the frame pieces together perfectly?

    Years ago I used to make my own frames at one of those DIY shops where you picked your molding & you made it in the shop with a vise & their supplies.

  4. OK, that sounds easy enough. I’ll view the tutorial again. Yes, I have a drill & I’ve heard so much about this jig. I’ve been stewing about what to do about making my own frames. The expense of buying frames are ridiculous so this was such valuable information just at the right time. Thank YOU!


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