Some exciting news about a DIY Hunk!

Oo Ooo Ooooo! I have some exciting news! Well, it is official. Carter is now married! On September 11, 2011 he tied the knot.

original photo courtesy of Rorincent

Okay, so I’m not his new bride, but Amy Smart is (from Shameless and the Help). Congratulations to the happy couple! I wasn’t invited to the wedding, but I forgive the newlyweds. It was a quick engagment and I’m sure it was an oversight. I’ll forgive him if he invites me out to meet him as part of the new GMC Trade Secret Sweepstakes! At which point I can deliver his wedding present in person ;-D.

I have been attracted to Carter’s, how shall I say…

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…green habits since I first laid eyes on him on Trading Spaces! (Oh come on, what did you think I was going to say?!) Carter is an outspoken environmentalist and advocates re-using building materials or making choices that are environmentally friendly when building. He has a page on his official website on ways to conserve in your own home.

Okay, so you want to meet Carter too? Or how about Eric Stromer from TLC’s Clean Sweep and HGTV’s Over Your Head? Or Sam Talbot? Well, here is your chance!

GMC Trade Secret entry picture

GMC Trade Secrets is offering 3 lucky grand prize winners a trip for 2 to New York or LA, some spending cash and the opportunity to film your “trade secret” on set with Eric, Sam or Carter. (I’m sure you already know who would be my pick!)

2nd prize is an iPad 2 (not to shabby right!)

You can enter anytime between now and October 24th. The judging will happen the following week, then the finalists will be voted on by the public. Finally winners will be announced by November 14th.

So go enter your “trade secret” or view some of Carter, Eric or Sam’s trade secret videos HERE.

Good luck! And if you win, can you stow me away in your suitcase? Pretty please with nailhead trim on top?!!!



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated by Big Fuel/GMC/AOL for my time in writing this post. However, I really do respect (okay – and adore) Carter Oosterhouse. In regards to the sweepstakes, I only partake in promoting contests and events that I think you would be interested in. As fellow DIYers, I’m positive that you all have some great “trade secrets” that you can submit. I wish you all the best of luck!



  1. you crack me up! I needed the laugh this morning, thanks :)

  2. youre kidding me! i had no idea!
    hahaha this was a great post!

  3. hehehe i just had to laugh at this post…but I so appreciate it :) you’re too cute!

  4. I live just south of Carter’s hometown, Traverse City, MI. He owns an old farmhouse here that he’s restored and fixed up with skills he learned first from his dad. (His parents are still in TC) Every summer he oversees a community project in T. (Don’t know what 2011’s was, in 2010 it was a playground.) You’d be sure to meet him if you came for a visit and helped with 2012’s project, whatever it may be. Just saying……. ;-)

  5. You are tooooo funny! I’m not going to enter. That gives you a better chance.

  6. That Amy is one lucky girl!

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