Shur-Line Touch Up Painter Product Review

I’m picky about my painting products. In fact I rarely stray from the same brushes, edgers and paints that I’ve used for over 10 years. As a DIY blogger, I will receive “new” painting gadgets to try from time-to-time. It is rare that I end up liking or using them after initially trying it (consequently I won’t blog about them.) The Shur-Line Touch Up painter, although “new”, actually proved to be a product that I do like! I was skeptical when I first received it two months ago. The concept is that you can store a small amount of your leftover room paint and have it available for touch ups. (Anyone who has kids and pets knows that keeping your walls fresh is a challenge. I’ve used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with good results, but sometimes it scrubs away too much paint.)

After filling the Touch Up Painter over a month ago, I set it aside in our garage until this week.


I had 10 minutes before my girlfriends were coming over for coffee. In one of those last minute scrutinies of my home, I noticed the scrapes on the wall! Eeek.


It was the perfect time to try out this new gadget and quickly touch up the scuffs from the crown molding installation.


When I first opened the Touch Up Painter, I was dismayed to find a big blob of dried paint on the roller.


I thought to myself, aha another useless paint gadget. But, then I remembered that the painter came with refill rollers. Within seconds I had a new roller snapped in place and was ready to rock n’ roll….errr paint n’ roll.


The roller works to blend the touch up paint with the rest of your wall texture. Before my friends arrived, the paint was dry and no one knew that there was a scuff there. I had a few other touch ups to make along the trim. For more precise lines, I grabbed a flat artist’s brush and took off the roller. Then I squeezed the tube to release a small amount of paint and used that on the brush. That was easy enough!


After each use, be sure to clean the roller completely before putting it away for storage (this was my initial mistake.)  The Touch Up Painter holds just enough paint for touch ups. You might want to store more paint for larger repair jobs.

You can watch this demonstration video for more information about the Shur-Line Touch Up Painter.

The Shur-Line Touch Up Painter retails for $7.88 and the three pack of refill rollers cost $3.56. Both can be found at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.


Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. This is a product review post that I thought you’d find helpful. I was sent a complimentary sample of the Shur-line Touch Up Painter and refills, but I was not compensated for my time. Nor was I told what to write. My product review policies can be read here. I will always be honest and disclose to you when writing a product review or sponsored post. I also do not write about a product if I don’t like it.

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  1. Thank you for the review. That looks like it definitely beats running around with a big can of paint and having to dirty up a brush:)

  2. Awesome review, I had seen commercials for this but wasn’t sure if it was worth it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It is really good to see reviews of the things that you are not sure of buying. Thanks for sharing your review. I will try also to use this touch up painter.

  4. I just bought this but haven’t used it yet. My little one is always getting handprints on our walls or scratches and I am so OCD that it drives me nuts! I thought this would be the perfect tool just to whip out to fix any imperfections, aside from having to open a paint can and then later clean a brush out—way too much work. My only issue with this so far is that it can’t get into crevices like a brush can. Still it’s worth the money in my eyes and does most jobs I need it to do.

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