Saffron Marigold Winner

Hooray! We have a winner. But, before I tell you if you won, I want to let you in on a special offer Saffron Marigold is giving to my readers:

10% off any order over $100

Simply mention Pretty Handy Girl 10% in the comment section, for orders over $100 and they will give you 10% back! Sweet.

Okay, are you ready? Drumroll please…..

….will Miss Carrie from CarrieLoves please come on down!

You have won your choice of either a table runner, table cloth (70 x 90) or 2 pillow covers

Carrie is the writer behind CarrieLoves a blog with the tagline: “Nerdy, Random, and Not Too Serious” I love it! That describes my life.

I had to share this picture of Carrie’s Daughter Erin “Planking”. It cracks me up because her daughter snuck in their neighbor’s garage to perform this stunt and then tagged the neighbors on the picture in Facebook.

"Planking" the Neighbor's Car

You’ll have to hop over to Carrie’s to read exactly what “Planking” is. Basically it is a cross between yoga and pranking. There are some other photo examples there. Great comic relief!

See you later ‘gator!


  1. Congratulations Carrie. I would like to subscribe to her blog by email but there was a notice during the process that it was not enabled. Might want to check it out. Don’t want her to miss having new followers due to that. PHG you are the best and appreciated as always.

    • Hi Alice, I just double-checked my feedburner setting and everything is good-to-go with email subscriptions. Try again when you have a moment. Carrie

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