Rustic Wooden Caddy with a Branch Handle

You know when you are browsing through a yard sale and you spot a sad little box that is just begging for you to buy it and give it a new life?

No, okay I might be alone on this, but it happens to me all the time!

A while ago I spotted this little box for $3 at a yard sale. I couldn’t just leave it there in it’s sad burgundy dust-covered state. So, I brought it home and it sat in my garage collecting more dust. (This happens more often than I’d like to admit. It’s a sickness I have.)



Using the pry bar and pliers, pull off the lid of the box and remove any nails.

Cut the lid into two equal width pieces and clamp them inside the box.

Predrill holes and then drive wood screws into the sides of the box and into the vertical supports.

Paint the wooden caddy using a relatively dry brush. Let some of the wood grain show through your brush stokes.

While the paint is drying, use a hack or coping saw to remove any bumps or burs on your branch.

Measure the ends of your branch and select the spade bits that are closest in diameter to your branch (you want the holes to be equal to or wider than the branch.)

Rough up the caddy with some sand paper until you achieve the distressing you desire.

Drill a hole into each side of the caddy supports (one size bit per side.)

Insert the branch into the side of the caddy. You might have to experiment with which direction to install the branch.

Fill some jars with flowers and set them inside the crate.

Set it out in a prominent spot in your home.

Enjoy your shabby chic crate, caddy or tool box. You decide what to display inside it.

Personally I can’t get enough of this branch handle:

I’m curious, would you have bought that little dusty box too?!

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  1. PHG I love your crate! As a matter of fact I love all kinds of boxes and crates! Yours is beautiful and I love that you upcycled another box. I can’t stop making boxes and crates myself, stop by and see what I’ve come up with this week…. Yours is a great inspiration and I love the color! I pinned it!

  2. As an altered artist I {heart} this caddy! This is such a big stumbling block for some people…to see past what an object is to what it can be. Great job on this one Brittany! Awesome color choice & the branch keeps it rustic & charming :~)

    • Thanks Jen! I know you have vision. I can’t wait to see what you do with your little safari themed child-sized bench. I had the adult version that got sooo weathered that it cracked beyond (my desire to) repair. I ended up trashing the wood and putting the ends upright in my flower bed.

  3. Cauuuute! Nice remake of a less than beautiful box. Love the branch handle!

  4. really, really cute caddy Brittany! love the color.

    ps have a great weekend, stay cool!

  5. That is awesome! I want one!!

  6. This is so sweet! It would make a great utensil holder on a patio table too!

  7. HI, Brittany

    This is Awesome! Love it and I do the same thing you do. I Buy something and leave it in my garage for a while. It’s sad, but sometimes life takes over. LOL Have a great weekend.


  8. Would I have bought that box? Girl, if I had been there, you and I would have FOUGHT over it! LOL

    You made this wonderful, but left me worrying: What did you do with that adorable tin star on the side? Might it show up later in another project?

  9. How pretty.

  10. Sweeeet! I love the cheater build on this one… little boxes, you are no longer safe as is with me! :) Fab photography!!

    Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 142. :)


  11. Love this! Sweet idea and I have yard full of old branches LOL. I’m thinking this would make an adorable planter for some potted herbs on my back porch. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Cute and love the color!

  13. Love how you turned the box into a very pretty caddy. I really love the color that you used and the rustic look, the branch just adds to the rustic charm. Now when I go garage sale shopping, I will be looking at boxes through new eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  14. You inspired me so I made my own box. I used old barn wood I had laying around. It was so much fun! Thanks!


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