Pretty Waterlogue April – Photo a Day Challenge

Pretty Waterlogue April | Photo a Day Challenge

Hey y’all, I’m in the mood for Spring and beautiful things around my home. How about you? Let’s have a little fun together this April, okay?! In the process, it will help you brighten up your home with some beautiful original art. Are you in? Here’s the scoop: Starting April 1st, I would love to inspire you to join me in a Pretty Waterlogue April challenge!

If you recall, I turned some vacation photos into beautiful watercolor paintings for my sons’ bathroom using Waterlogue. And I know that you can also have beautiful paintings for you home just as easily!

How to Mat a Picture Like a Pro | Pretty Handy Girl

The concept is simple, if you use an iPhone, download the Waterlogue app (it costs $2.99, but is well worth it).

Then follow these simple directions:

1. Starting April 1st, snap one photo daily (or email a photo to yourself from your photo library) and turn it into a Waterlogue masterpiece.

Pretty Waterlogue April | Photo a Day Challenge

2. Share your photo with me by following me on Instagram and tagging me (@PrettyHandyGirl) in your photo description. Also, use the hashtag #PrettyWaterlogueApril so you can share, follow and see other participants photos.

Once a week, I’ll pick my favorites and share them on the blog.

Pretty Waterlogue April | Photo a Day Challenge

At the end of the month not only will you have 30 original art pieces to choose from, but you might also be chosen to win a fabulous prize pack from me! I’m still working out the details, but it will be awesome, it will encourage you to create more art, and you will love it…I promise!

Who’s up for the #PrettyWaterlogueApril challenge? Share this idea with your friends by spreading this graphic on Instagram:

Pretty Waterlogue April | Photo a Day Challenge

There should be no excuse for anyone to not have beautiful personal art in their own home!

Pretty Waterlogue April | Photo a Day Challenge

See you in April!


Disclaimer: I have no connection with Waterlogue. They have no idea I am holding this challenge. I just thought this would be a fun way to get creative, follow more of you on Instagram and build up your art collection!



  1. Looks like fun! I am in! Why I don’t already follow you on Instagram I don’t know…. :)

  2. I downloaded Waterlogue last week after I saw a few friends have in facebook. So far, my “paintings” are just meh. but I’m probably being too picky… but I’ll try my best to take this challenge. I may not be able to do it every day since I have 3 flights to take in a short period of time but I’ll try my best. Your paintings are gorgeous. You’ve inspired me to snap away! Thanks so much!

  3. I don’t do instagram so I can’t take part but this sounds like fun! And I am addicted to Waterlogue! I’ve had so much fun with it lately! I’ll be back to visit. Love the photos you’ve done!

  4. Okay.. I am SUPER DORKY.. but I was looking for an excuse to use this app to watercolor everything.. but I thought a watercolor of my cat or starbucks was dumb! Now I am so excited to have an excuse to post one!!!

    Whoot whoot!! I’ll be there.. I’m @TheKimSixFix on IG!

  5. I love this challenge! Done and done for the first post on Instagram – I only hope I did the hashtag part ok. I put that in the description of the photo – that ok? Love your blog and work!

  6. Is there an app available for android? I’d love to be doing this!

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