Below are a list of Plumbing repairs and projects to prevent having to hire a plumber.

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  1. How to adjust the joint clamp clip ? Or how to diagnose which part of this stopper mechanism is the part causing the problem? (in my case – the sinks dont hold water).

  2. My stopper slips out of the fully closed position very quickly. The joint clamp clip seems properly placed on both sides of the drain down rod.

    Why then does the sink not “hold” water properly? (the opposite of your mother’s problem)

    • Is it a new stopper and downrod assembly? If not, you might try replacing them both. If they are new, did you replace the drain with them as they are usually sold as a set. It does sound like the there isn’t enough tension on the stopper when it is down. I’m not sure what other suggestions to make.


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