Our Couple Speak Video! Won’t you vote for us…wink, wink.

Do you remember this post? The one about 3M’s Couple Speak contest where I admitted that Pretty Handsome Guy didn’t know what a sconce was?!


Pretty  Handsome Guy and I pulled together a last minute entry for the contest. It was literally last minute, because we filmed late last night and early this morning before the kids woke up. We got to experience being actors and directors at the same time. It was a lot of fun shooting the scenes (despite a few embarrassing moments as we got looks from early morning joggers and dog walkers.)

We also learned a few things during the shooting:

  1. Definitely use a tripod, it will protect your keyboard from vomit should you get motion sickness from shaky camera footage.
  2. I can’t wink very well, so luckily I won’t be sending off any mixed signals anytime soon. You’d think I’d have realized that I have FED (facial expression deficiency) by now (as proven in this post.)

I hope you will take one minute (the video is actually only 53 seconds) to go see our video and give us a thumbs up!

It would be nice to put the prize money to toward our downright ugly master bathroom.

Then again, maybe Hollywood might pay us big bucks to do a Psycho remake in there!

I hope you have a happy Wednesday! Check back tomorrow at noon for a ScotchBlue Painting Party hosted by myself and a few other fantastic bloggers. Can I get a woot, woot?! Bring your brushes and paint ;-).








  1. heehee So funny. Good luck!

  2. Cute- I “liked” your video! :)

  3. Too cute!!!! Thumbs up and good luck!
    Debi B

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