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Hey y’all! Lots going on in Pretty Handyville this week. I’ve been busy trying out some new products. Plus, I’ve been trying to keep my youngest occupied now that big brother is back in school. It really is amazing how much he entertained his younger sibling, despite the occasional “MOM, he’s “insert-annoying-action” me!” But, we’re getting used to the “back to school” schedule and I came up with this adorable rock magnet craft to entertain my youngest. You can view the tutorial over at Parentables.

I especially wanted to pop in to introduce you to my sponsors! In case you didn’t read the headline, I think they really ROCK! These wonderful small companies make it possible for you to receive all my tutorials for FREE! Believe it or not, without their sponsorship I would be operating this blog at a financial loss. So, please give these great companies a big thank you.

Cutting Edge Stencils – Beautiful Wall Stencils for Home Décor

Cutting Edge Stencils just sent me the Georgian Ceiling Medallion stencil to try. I just used it in my dining room today to stencil a faux ceiling medallion around the chandelier base! I can’t wait to show you, it is gorgeous!!! Stay tuned for pictures and a tutorial.

Tomboy Tools -Real tools made for a woman’s hand

Okay, I have to admit, I’ve steered clear of pink tools for a long time now. I just had this preconceived notion that they weren’t made tough like a guy’s tool. Well, I stand corrected! Laura send me a set of Tomboy tools to try out. I’ve been using them all week! They are definitely as tough as my “boy” tools. But, the nice thing is that the grips are made a tad smaller for a woman’s hand. I’ve noticed this particularly with the plyers and the Tape Measure. Currently here are my favorites: Magnetic hammer, Tape Measure, Needle-nosed plyers and you can’t forget the very feminine (but tough as nails) leather tool belt!

Any Pretty Handy Girl reader who places an order through Tomboy Tools during the month of Sept. can be entered into a drawing for the Tomboy Tools Picture Perfect Level (retail value $34).  You HAVE to see this tool – definitely genius design at work. It makes hanging pictures, towel rods, etc a breeze! You can also use it for hanging multiple pictures at the same level and spacing!) Simply place your order and on the “company” line of the shipping address please type: PHG Reader to be entered in the giveaway contest. The winner will be announced on Oct. 2nd.

simplify101 – more fun. more done.

I took the Organizing 101 course earlier this year. It was a very thorough workshop and the materials Aby sent were neat, orderly and easy to follow (everything you would expect from a personal organizer!) The course was very motivating and I’ve been slowly working on reclaiming my home this year. But, I had been struggling with how to get my kids on board. Especially my oldest who left me this clear message that he has TOO MUCH stuff in his room:

He and I have been working together using the lessons I learned in Organizing with Your Kids (another workshop offered by simplify101.) I was very skeptical that we’d be able to work together to clean, de-clutter and organize his room. He and I worked in small 15 minute segments of time. Every time the buzzer rang, he wanted to go for another 15 minutes of cleaning! He even got mad at me last night because we didn’t have time to work together on cleaning his room. Honestly, I can’t believe it either. A kid who is mad because we don’t have time to clean his room? Alien, I’m convinced.

If you have kids, simplify101 is offering my readers a discount. Receive 15% off the Organizing with Your Kids workshop when you sign up between now and Tuesday, September 6, 2011. Use the discount code: PHGSAVE15 at checkout. (May not be combined with other offers.)

Talk for Tots – Custom Printed Announcements and Invitations

Talk for Tots is your one stop shop for all things invitations and announcements. With the holidays fast approaching (yeah, I know what happened to Summer?), it is not too early to think about your custom holiday cards this year. Talk for Tots has some great designs to choose from.

Love Drop – Spend a Dollar, Change a Life

Finally, this group isn’t a sponsor, but I believe in sponsoring them! Love Drop is a non-profit group that helps people in need. They choose one person/family per month and try to help them with basic needs that they have. This month they are on a mission to help Melanie, a mother of four who was struck by a car while out walking with her teenage son.

The founders are real down to earth people just like you and me. And they are on a mission to help people with small donations from ordinary folks like us. Won’t you take a moment to check out their site and see some of the past “LoveDrops” they have accomplished? It will make your day ;-).



  1. You have some great sponsors, Brittany. You’ve built such a successful blog in just over a year–congratulations! I know you’ve worked really hard both at putting out a good blog and at networking with other bloggers. I hope that other bloggers will see how you’ve done it and emulate you–you publish great content, week after week, with really helpful tutorials. I think you do a wonderful job of fulfilling your mission of empowering women to accomplish things. Every now and then I get the feeling that there are tons of women who decide that they can start a blog, publish a few photos, and boom! advertisers will seek them out and they’ll be making money. That’s not quite how it works! But your blog shows that blogging really CAN work if the blogger is willing to put in the effort. :)

  2. I have just awarded YOU the Versatile Blogger Award!! :) I really love your blog and thought everyone should know it! :)

  3. I love the Faith, Hope & Joy rock magnets. Very adorable and a great kids project!

  4. Thanks for your great kids projects. I’m going to do this with my 5 year old.

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