My House Received the COA!!! (This Post is for the Birds)

After a grueling 45 minute inspection by a certified home inspector, my knife topped birdhouse received a COA (Chickadee Occupancy Approval). That inspector was very thorough, but ultimately he wasn’t able to find anything wrong with the house and now a nice young couple have taken up residency. Phew.

I know a few of you were skeptical and thought the shiny roofing material might scare away potential buyers, but this young couple didn’t seem to mind. (Although the inspector had some quizzical looks while inspecting the roof.)

I took a few photos of the whole process. You can see how detail oriented the inspector was!

I hope to have some more pictures for you of our new neighbors. Last year the chickadees had a few chicks in the old bird house. And there was a house finch couple that had five babies after making a nest on top of our light fixture (yes, I made the little bucket for them. I didn’t want them to fry.)

The five finch siblings always hung out together and would come to our window feeder at the same time. So sweet.

Do you have any birds that nest annually in your yard? I just can’t get enough of them!

When my first son was born a red shouldered hawk had built a nest behind our house. One day I was awakened from a little nap to a “Feeeee, Feeee, Feeee” racket in the backyard and saw all three of her babes perched on our fence.

Completely off-topic: I’ve been fighting a cold, that has turned into a sinus infection. And I’m blaming it all on this:

That is about an 1/8″ accumulation of pollen on our porch. The stuff is unrelenting and you can see yellow dust clouds when the wind whips up.

I went to the doctor today for a (you guessed it) sinus infection. I asked her to look up the date I was in last and would you believe it was April 14th, 2011 (the same date a year earlier.)  Last year, she prescribed some steroids to help me get better. I think I finally understand what being on speed must be like. After a week on steroids I had completed a dozen projects and was only sleeping maybe 3 hours a night. Those drugs turned me into a machine and my mind was racing with ideas. It was awesome until the drug left my system. Then I was exhausted for a week!

This time when she said she wanted to put me on them again, I frowned at the idea. She promised me that this was a lower dose she was prescribing me. Well, it is now 1:30 am – I’m not tired – and I already cleaned the whole downstairs of our house and organized my office.

Speaking of getting organized…don’t forget to enter the simplify 1o1 giveaway that ends Sunday night at midnight! You could win this workshop!

Off to try counting sheep and take some Nyquil.


  1. Love your post. Your pictures are great and your bird comments too! Sorry about the drugs you are having to take…..been there, done that. If you have trouble sleeping tonight, hop in your car and come help me clean and organize my house please!

    (What type of camera do you use?)

  2. Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures says:

    We had house finches build a nest near our front door for several years, but they haven’t been back in the last few years. So fun to watch. I was on steroids a couple of times for nose polyps. Take them in the morning instead of at night. That helped me. If you are already taking them in the morning then have fun getting clean and organized while you are on your steroid high!

  3. I love the post! Also, I totally feel you on the steroids, the last time I was on them I completed 3 paintings the first night…and I was on a low dose. Feel better, the pollen around here has been looking like that too.

  4. I know how it is. Since moving to the states, my allergies has gotten worse. I am caughing and sneezing all through spring even while on allergy medicine. Hope you get better from your sinus infection fast.
    I love chickadees and wish I had a way of getting them to my backyard (two decks on my condo). Maybe I should set up a little house, but I am almost afraid that it is too late now. I don’t know. Hey maybe I should just do it to my mother in laws yard. I’ll have to see about that.

  5. You make me smile my dear :0) Thank you for the sweetest post to pop up in my reader today

  6. Steroids for a sinus infection!? Holy cow! You must’ve had a really bad one! I hope you get better soon – being bipolar, it always creeps me out when people I like describe times when they are manic, medically induced or otherwise. :)

  7. Sorry you’re under the weather. Loved the post. Brought a smile to my face this morning.

  8. Pam Pike says:

    thanks for sharing these sweet pictures of your new neighbors. I love when the birds nest in our yard and we are able to watch them grow.

  9. This is absolutely adorable – and brought a big smile to my face. I feel the same way about birds that nest in my yard… like I’ve had a great honor bestowed on me! :) Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Bless Your heart! I’m sorry you have to take the steroids for allergies like that. Some people are allergic to tehm. I hope you can get over this soon. The bird photos are so sweet. My brother out in the country has a bluebird family that returns every year to build in one of his large fence posts. Love your bird house. Take care and feel better soon.

  11. Love the post. Thanks for the smiles.

  12. Love your how to paint professionally series!!!!
    But love the little bird house even more. So happy that the little birdies gave it the thumps up!
    Enjoy your squatters.

  13. I have suffered from allergies/sinus infections and the general resulting crud for YEARS. Same routine as you described above. The 1 1/2 yrs ago a friend recommended I try NeilMed’s sinus rinse. It’s a plastic bottle and several powdered saline packets – you fill the bottle with water and add a packets. I use it twice a day during allergy season. I was SO skeptical but the proof is in the pudding and I have not had a sinus infection since. Completely homeopathic and inexpensive. About $12 for a kit at Walmart – found in the cold med section, usually on the bottle shelf. It will even help if you already have the cold/sinus issue going on. Good luck and hope you get some sleep – soon!

    • I do the same thing as I have a sinus infection at least 4 times a year and constant allergies. The sinus rinse is a lifesaver! The last time I tried antibiotics for my sinus problems, I took 4 rounds in a row as it was still raging. At that point I said “forget it” and went to the sinus rinse. It took care of it right off.
      I hope yours gets better quickly.
      BTW, I just found your site and am loving it!

      • Glad you’ve gotten good results with the sinus rinse! I love that is med free, too – I hate the thought of constantly pumping drugs, etc into my body. And thanks for following my blog!

  14. heymudda says:

    This post is soooo funny- I’ve sent it to all my friends. I’m outside of Houston Texas and we are officially driving “pollen mobiles” down here. All I need is a giant stinger on the front of my black SUV and I’d look like a yellow jacket bee! Hang in there mama and don’t take too many meds!

  15. glad your birdies like the home. 2/3 of our children suffer from seasonal allergies and it is awful here right now!

    loved the how to paint a door post… question ~ i have a scratch on a door on the middle section. could i sand and paint that one area or would you do the entire door? the door is only a few years old so i would hope that the color would not have changed too much. it just seems like such a small area to do the entire thing.

    • Sandi, if the scratch is deep and into the wood, you might need to use a little wood putty to fill it. Let it dry and then sand and paint. I would say, go ahead and see if you can just touch up paint it. Then assess for yourself if the color matches and if you need to, paint the whole door later. Good luck!

  16. Adorable! I’m absolutely in love. So impressed that they let you get close!

  17. Oh my gosh that is hilarious! I knew they’d love it :-)

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