My Home Tour – The Guest Room

Having guests over is such an exciting opportunity to catch up and show off your home. Here’s a tour of our guest room for you to enjoy. Come on in, kick your shoes off and stay overnight if you wish!


The room had humble beginnings. These are the before pictures.

Not a bad color, but just not what I had in mind.
There were several holes that needed patching in the walls.
That gave me another reason to re-paint.

GuestBefore2 What was I thinking?! That little ikea dresser just does not fit!

Before I show you the after pictures, I have to explain. As the mother of two boys (and the only female in our home), I am careful to keep my decorating from being too flowery, frilly, and – well – girlie. But, after a week of sleeping in the guest room because everyone had the flu except me (you know Mom’s can’t afford to be sick!), I decided to throw my femininity into just this one room. I told Pretty Handsome Guy that it was the one room that I needed to be girlie! He knew better than to protest. I guess he figured it was better if I got it out of my system in just this one space.

So, here she is, all gloriously girlified:

Fresh roses, I wish you had smell-o-vision. Freshly cut roses, displayed in a recycled jelly jar.

Detail of doorknob from the nightstand made from a curbside door and picket fence.

Better view of the nightstand. The lamp is from Goodwil

The center pillow was a sack of birdseed that I ordered from here.
Then I washed it and stuffed it with stuffing and just re-tied the top.
The patchwork rose pillow was purchased in a gift shop during our visit here.
The painting over the bed was painted by the very talented, Shari MacFarlane (who also happens to be my Mom.)


The bed frame was rescued from the curb when we lived in Charlottesville, VA. The side rails were broken, but I found sturdy new ones at a rummage sale the very next week!
I sanded the rails down and stained them to match the headboard and footboard.

You can just barely see this piece of art from the previous picture. I purchased this little painting from a gallery in Asheville, NC on my first getaway weekend after having kids. The artist signed it Cap Man 2005. It is painted on a salvage floor board.
I just love it and the Jimi Hendrix quote

Spray painted floral vases and a peek at my birthday gift from a dear friend.
It was her grandmother’s hand towel!
She was the recipient of this present for her birthday a few years ago.


Daisy, the rescued chair and an adorable kidney shaped desk. I think it fell off a pick up truck because it was busted up and upside down on the side of the road.
The desk matched the style of my bed perfectly!

I glued the broken pieces, and re-stained it. Then added a ribbon and bead pull.

Salvage windows. The larger one was a gift from a friend and fellow blogger. I cut mat board to fit in each individual pane and then used double stick tape to mount family photos on the boards. Then pressed the boards in the back of the window and hot glued around the edges.


Close up of chipped salvage window. I painted one coat of flat white paint on top of the window and then used packing tape to peel off some of the paint.


Sweet smelling soaps in a bowl. Pitcher and silver tray from Goodwill. Top view of the upholstered bench.


Can you believe it? The bench was also a curbside find!

This concludes my guest room tour. Did you enjoy? You can view my full home tour here. Thanks for visiting.



  1. Faith Like Potatoes says:

    that room is gorgeous!!!

  2. I love that room. Being a Mom of two boys also, I think it is important we find a space somewhere to express that romantic feminine side. I think decorating is most successful when there are stories to go with many of the elements to a room. That is one of the things I enjoyed most about your tour.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just wish I could get you and Caitlin out to Luray sometime because I need a lot of your talents to suggest improvements to my house there. I don't need a "girly room" but I do need some of your creativity! Congrats on another very nice project, nonetheless! —Gary

  4. Amanda@The Hand Me Down House says:

    Oh, seriously — where do I start!?! It's absolutely beautiful (like everything you do!)! I love your new wall color — and I can't even tell you how much I adore all your girly details — they are just perfect. My bags are packed — can I come and stay!?! :) Haha! Brittany you are amazing!!

  5. Something Nice and Pretty says:

    Love it!!! You did so well with everything…love the pillows and the bench!


  6. It looks fantastic. What a restful retreat for your guests. There are so many touches that I love, but I'll just focus on 2 of my favorites:

    The door nightstand (FABULOUS!)
    and the birdseed accent pillow. Love that.

  7. "It's really girly" – Danny

    "It's so cute and I just love it!" – Sara, bats eyelashes

    I wish I could get a room to be girly in :)

  8. Momma Rhyne says:

    Great room. Looks nice and cozy!

  9. So lovely and girly. I'm glad you got a spot with all of those guys. You certainly have a knack for repurposing orphaned pieces. Thanks for linking with Fabric Fun Thurs. :).

  10. Anonymous says:

    you so rock!

  11. wow. I love this – so much attention to detail, so much quiet style and grace. It's great! My favorite part is the door/fence nightstand… but I love those vases too…

  12. Absolutely beautiful! It could be a great Mom's getaway.

  13. What a great room. I like what you did with the photos in the window pane. I might have to borrow that idea if I can ever find a window I love.

  14. {jami @ i m a g i n e} says:

    Beautiful! Very shabby chic! Love those vases! I love your blog and I found you through NFF! I have a design blog too and would love for you to come see what I've been designing too!

    xo – jami
    i m a g i n e

  15. Roo@nicegirlnotes says:

    Well done, Brittany!! Love those salvage windows -iiincredible!

  16. LOVE IT… the colours are gorgeous! Nice repurposing also.
    Visiting from NFF today!

  17. Absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE what you did with this room! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  18. Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas says:

    Hi..I’m Barb….I am from FF. I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @ & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. I also would love for you to be a new Fan of my Facebook page too & click “LIKE” in the upper right hand corner of my blog & you’ve done it..Thanks so much! I am just starting at Facebook. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

  19. It's fabulous! I love all the details that just pull the room together!

  20. very pretty, i love that you finally got a space to girlify! i love curbside junk and turning it into treasure! you did a fantastic job!

  21. Wow! Great job. Love your blog, will visit again.

  22. What a great job transforming this room into something so very lovely. If it is a guest room they will never want to leave! Thank you for so many great ideas!

  23. Megan @ Megity's Handmade says:

    I think that it turned out beautifully!

  24. Sue at Beach Bungalow says:

    Nice! Love your quilt!


  25. Sve je tako lijepo…odiše romantikom…prekrasne boje…puno odličnih novih ideja…hvala na ovim fotografijama :)))

  26. Funky Junk Interiors says:

    Oh my … so many cool touches! The door hardware had me gasping. Your quilt, pillows.. the colours just pop in the most pleasant of ways. Lovely room!


  27. You have done a fabulous job taking trash to treasure!

  28. Angie@Echoes of Laughter says:

    What a delightful room! You did an amazing job! I would love to be a guest in this room…it is so pretty!

  29. The room is very pretty, but I am crazy for the bench.


  30. Els Manning says:

    just bounced from blog to blog, and came on yours… love it! You have such great ideas. Love it!

  31. Love the door, the sack of birdseed, and that upholstered bench!!!

  32. Wonderful room, great details. Visiting from CSI

  33. The room looks so inviting now. I love all of your nice touches of white.


  34. Hi there! thanks for commenting on my picket fence shelf.
    One of my local readers loves your door/picket fence night stand. She’s been wanting me to make her one. She reads and likes “junk” but she doesn’t make it.
    I’ve made her a “shelf” from a door, but since she didn’t have any picket fence, we made do with what she had. I’ll be blogging about it this week.

  35. Wow!

    Your taste is so close to how Michelle would have fixed up this house here had she not come down with a bad case of cancer. If I had the money I would try to hire you to fix up this place she loved in her memory. I really like many of your ideas and I thin she would too! If you ever win the Lotto; please remember me? LOL


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    For the first time in my life I was with someone who was just very god natured with out practicing religious private sector activities. How could I help but love her with everything I had. Michelle always seemed so happy and that really helped me to loosen up some from some of the heartache in my past. Anyway, her mother moved down from PA after losing a long term job so best friend Michelle suggested we move her in with us. I was a little worried about that at first, having come from a childhood with a very aggressive, abusive mother but I just decided to go with it and open my heart to the idea and hoped it would work out. It worked out fine.

    We started a lot of projects on the house such as Foundation repair by removing all the trees that were plated to close to the house, replacing many of the inside doors, electrical, phone, cable, ceiling fans, adding crown molding with hopes of making this old house into a home for a family. Wow, a family, maybe have children, everything seemed to be going so well. The first Xmas in the home was the best one I have ever experienced in all the years I have lived on this earth. I also had a great stable job working 3 – 4 days a week making close to $50,000 a year so between Michelle’s mother, Michelle and myself we had a great Xmas and funds to do a great job on the house.

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  36. Just over two years best bbs young beauty i dont know about her being Anetta Keys. I see a lot of posts saying it is her but i don’t see. I dont think its her. She’s hot, amazingly hot !! and most of all, that’s not her first time doin anal. Not a chance in hell.

  37. I love all your beautiful work! I was looking for inspiration and your blog has helped me. I often wonder what holds me back. Thank you. Gorgeous work! ~ Carla


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