My Home


Welcome to my home! I hope you’ll come in and enjoy the tour.

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  1. I noticed the neat gear bracelets and was wondering do u sell them somewhere on ur website? they r the coolest ones i have seen. my friend loves different types of things like that and thought it would b neat to get her something like that. thanks Sue

  2. OMG. Your home is amazing! There are so many things I love! You are a real inspiration! Love your work.

  3. Marie Lyon says:

    You take on all these jobs fearlessly, you are creative, you have a cute sense of humor AND you can write!
    You are my hero. I think we should call you Super Pretty Handy Girl! Very nice job!

  4. Super cute website… thanks for all of the helpful hint’s and tips. As the mother of 4 teenagers (14, 15, 16 and 18) I need all the help I can get!

  5. I love your fresh, elegant, open home. I just left my husband and didn’t take a thing. So, your DIY are much needed. I am looking at Sugerstilletosstyle for the headboard idea….now I need ideas for rediva style side tables and a tv/fireplace. You are GREAT!!!!!…..keep adding new DIY …I am looking

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