MirrorMate Installation and Giveaway

Do you have an ugly builder’s mirror? I’m betting about 85% of you do. The other 10% were lucky to buy a home that has a beautifully framed mirror. And the remaining 5% either made or bought a new mirror with a frame! When I was first introduced to MirrorMate on Kate’s blog, I could barely contain my excitement. There was finally a fix for the ugly builder’s mirror in my kids’ bathroom {happy dancing}! I could finally say adieu to the stained, rusted and chipped behemoth in the bath and yet I wasn’t adding anything to the landfill in the process!

Bethany, who works for MirrorMate, helped me pick out the perfect frame for our bathroom. And shipped it as soon as the frame was available. Unfortunately, the frame arrived right before I left to surprise my sister in Ca. Then I came home and got deathly ill. So, the poor frame sat in our garage for a month. As soon as I started feeling better I jumped right into the bathroom makeover project. I have to tell you, the makeover was inspired by the beautiful MirrorMate frame. I just couldn’t put that beautiful frame into the fishy bathroom. It just would look like the grown up in a child’s playground.

Putting the frame together and framing the mirror was a piece of cake. Here is how we did it:

1. Unpack the MirrorMate and accompaning supplies.

2. Spread the frame and pieces out. Use wax paper (or old cereal bags) under the corners to protect your work surface from the glue.

3. Glue each corner.

4. Insert the small connector pegs into the slots at the corners. You might need a hammer to lightly tap them in.

5. Wipe off any excess glue with a damp rag (or baby wipe).

6. For added strength and to hold the frame while it dried, I chose to “clamp” my frame by typing rope around it. This was not a necessary step, but I think it helps insure a tight joint, so I did it.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who started singing. “Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can, spins a web…”


While the frame is drying, assemble the cardboard guides for the MirrorMate installation.

Add the double stick tape to the back as shown in the directions:

After allowing the frame to dry for an hour, get your DIY partner to help you move the frame. You must be careful not to lift or carry the frame by the corners or it could come apart. I left the rope on it until we moved it into the bathroom (just to be safe.)

Clean your glass with rubbing alcohol (especially where the frame will adhere to the mirror.)

Put up with your handsome assistant insisting on reading the directions (even though you already did and are anxious to move along.)

Have your assistant hold up the frame and then have fun telling him to move it to the left. No, wait a little to the right. Well, maybe back to the left. {Hee, hee.}

Level the frame.

Insert the corner guides directly into the top two corners. Be sure the guide is touching the frame’s inner edges.

Remove the frame and then peel off the tape backing.

Then lift the frame back up with the help of your assistant. Align the frame onto the corner guides and press firmly onto the glass. You only have one shot at this, so go slow.

Remove the corner guides and the glue strips from the mirror.

Now stand back and admire your newly framed mirror! GORGEOUS, don’t you think? And the installation was a snap (or should I say a stick. LOL!)

No one will ever know that you are hiding a dirty stained, chipped and rusty secret underneath!

One final look at the finished product and a sneak peek at the finished bathroom. I’ll be sharing with you the board and batten tutorial soon.

One final note: I have to warn you, DO NOT put painters tape on your mirror or you will be crying the blues like I was.

I immediately contacted Bethany to see if she could send me some touch up paint. I can’t even tell you how helpful she was and when she reported that it was actually hot press leaf on the frame and not paint, I figured I’d be doing some creative treatment on the side. But, instead, she insisted on sending a new frame immediately (which arrived 2 days later!) MirrorMate has the best customer service and she told me “We want our customers to be happy with their purchase, even if that means sending a new frame.” Wow, now that is a company I want to do business with!





I was sent a complimentary MirrorMate frame for a product review. I can honestly say that this post reflects my opinions and I was not swayed to write a positive post. Nor was I paid to write this post. For more information you can read my disclosure statement.


  1. Andrea Skeens says:

    I like Bellemeade Vintage Champagne. But I also like the one you got as well.

  2. What a fantastic giveaway!!!!!! I love it! I found the Grandezza Bronze style. Beautiful!

  3. I just liked MirrorMate on FB. Again, beautiful! 8^)

  4. These are so great – the paintable frames are a great idea and I love those but I also like the Cherokee Black.

  5. Chelsea Cherry Red would look great for my walk in closet mirror!

  6. I’ve been wanting to frame my bathroom mirror forever! Love the Chelsea Classic White.

  7. Great job, love how it came out! I have been on their website before and would really love to get myself one of these awesome frames! I like the Acadia White and would probably paint it a turquoise blue. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I “like” Mirror Mate on FB! Thanks again!

  9. Heather C says:

    I love the Pemaquid Old World Silver!

  10. I love the Broadway brushed chrome!

  11. So does it count if I can’t choose between two? I love Grandezza Bronze and Pacific Brown Leather.

  12. I think I’d go with Pemaquid Black… although there are some great choices, so hard to decide!

  13. I love the chelsea style mirrors

  14. Kelli Wood says:

    I would choose the Premaquid Slim Matte Black!

  15. Kelli Wood says:

    I liked them on facebook!!!

  16. Kelli Wood says:
  17. Ahh we have 15 year old builder grade mirrors that look very similar to your “before” picture–a MirrorMate would make them so much prettier! I really like the Bellemeade Vintage Silver!

  18. I “liked” MirrorMate on facebook!

  19. I like the Chelsea in espresso!

  20. This is such a great idea! I love the Cherokee Cherry Chocolate frame. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. I’ve been wanting to frame our guest bathroom mirror for awhile now. I love the Pemaquid Slim Dark Cherry!

  22. The Acadia in Dove White! Simply beautiful.
    thank you.

  23. Like them.

  24. Paul Peterson says:

    I like their Bellemeade Traditional Cherry. It has style!

  25. Paul Peterson says:

    Just “Liked” them on facebook.

  26. I LOVE Pacifica White Cap! I would be thrilled to win the gift certificate! Thanks for introducing me to MirrorMate. What a great way to enhance an ugly mirror!!!

  27. I liked MirrorMate on Facebook.

  28. That looks great! So much easier and better looking than cutting stock molding from the big box store like we did. Next mirror, this is what I am going to do too.

  29. Stacy Grogg says:

    I really like the white casco bay and the white Acadia. I am not sure which penny is lucky in my drawer so I just rubbed a huge handful of them!

  30. I like Chelsea brushed bronze.

  31. I like the Providence Oiled Bronze.

  32. I like on Facebook!

  33. Tweeted about it!

  34. Michelle R. says:

    I love Pacifica White Cap – simple and clean. I desparately need this in my master bathroom. The mirror is huge (which I like) but is builder grade (which I don’t like). *crosses all fingers*

  35. Michelle R. says:

    I liked them on Facebook!

  36. Michelle R. says:

    I tweeted! Thanks!

  37. Joanie M. says:

    I would like the Acadia Dove White paintable, because I haven’t done MY bathroom makeover…yet!

  38. Joanie M. says:

    I liked them on Facebook!

  39. I like the Acadia Oiled Bronze!

  40. Heather G says:

    I heart the “Pemaquid Slim Dark Bronze” frame. It’s soooo beautiful!!!

  41. Heather G says:

    I liked MirrorMate on Facebook :-)

  42. Love the Pacifica Silver Sheen!

  43. I like all of their frames in bronze!

  44. My favorite style is the Bellemeade Traditional Cherry.
    Thank you for the giveaway AND tutorial!

  45. I Liked MM on Facebook!

  46. Oops! Email address had a typo. “Comcast” is correct now…

  47. Love me some MirrorMate! I have had my eye on the Cherokee Dark Walnut for a while now!

  48. Heidi Coombes says:

    I’d love the Chelsea classic white in my kids’ bathroom!

  49. Stephanie says:

    I love the Venetian!

  50. Stephanie says:

    I “like” MirrorMate on FB!

  51. The Grandezza Aged Silver would look amazing in our master bath 😀

  52. Darlene Rugg says:

    Too many to chose just one! For now I think I would get the Mediterra Glazed Stone for my kids bathroom.

  53. Darlene Rugg says:

    I liked them on Facebook.

  54. Darlene Rugg says:

    Tweeted about the Mirror Mate giveaway @shaggyrugg.

  55. Elizabeth Jones says:

    Love the Cherokee Dark Walnut frame! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  56. Elizabeth Jones says:

    I liked MirrorMate on facebook!

  57. I like them on fb.

  58. I would love to try the Grandezza Bronze.

  59. “Like” them on Facebook!

  60. Grandezza Aged Silver……I think!! Thank you!

  61. Melanie Battle says:

    The Broadway brushed chrome for our halfbath would be great!

  62. I love the Pemaquid Old World Silver! I’m in the middle of a powder room rehab and this would look great!

  63. And I “like” them on FB, but it’s really love.

  64. I’ve seen this company before & I’ve always thought they had such a great idea. I really like the clean lines of the Cherokee frames…probably in licorice or java.

  65. What a transformation! These things are awesome!
    I love the Soho Black Matte!

  66. Melissa M. says:

    My mirror has worse chips than yours. I would love to have a Mirror Mate frame. Chelsea Espresso looks good to me!

  67. Melissa M. says:

    I already “like” Mirror Mate on Facebook. That’s how I found out about this opportunity!

  68. I like several of them, but the Bellameade Vintage Silver is my favorite.

  69. And I like MirrorMate on Facebook!

  70. I love Mirror Mates. I’d want to use one for our master bath. Ugly Builders mirror and builders’ light fixture. Yuck! I love the Pemaquid Slim Dark Bronze!

  71. So glad you posted this review!! I’ve been eyeing these, as we have not quite finished up with the decor of our master bath. We renovated for months after a huge inside water leak from the master bath to the downstairs… I lost my decorating mojo for the MBR, but I’m inspired again from your review.

    Love the Gramercy, but also the Tribeca, and have you seen the Mediterra? They are all fabulous. I am going to have to do all my bathrooms. :)

  72. Anne Marie says:

    Chelsea classic white would be my choice – so pretty yet classic looking.

  73. Deann Carpenter says:

    Soho is the way to go! Ooohlala!

  74. Deann Carpenter says:

    I “liked” on facebook

  75. I would love to win a mirrormate frame. I really like the venetian white wave and the casco bay white!

  76. Chelsea classic white would be great in our main bathroom.

  77. Deborah Breining says:

    What a great idea and how easy to install. I have 3 ugly bathroom mirrors that sure could use an update.

  78. this is such a good idea, everything that you need in one kit, went to the site and was amazed at the number of choices available. I would chose something in the contemporary style, in the color white

  79. Marla Coy says:

    I love the Pemaquid Porcelain White frame. I would love to use it for my girls bathroom! :)

  80. What a great way to dress up a mirror edge!
    I like the Acadia Dove White.
    kimbstamps at hotmail dot com

  81. Ooooo – I am with the Bellemeade Vintage Champagne!!

  82. …meant to say I am IN LOVE with… up above!

    I liked Mirrormate on FB!!

    I wish I tweeted so I could get an additional entry!!

  83. I like so many of the styles but for my project I think Acadia would work best for the room.

  84. Oh and I like MirrorMate on FB.

  85. I liked MirrorMate on FB!

  86. I love the Pacifica Silver Sheen. I did one bathroom with a mirrormate and it went from drab to fab.

  87. Love the oiled bronze frame. My bathroom mirrors are just big old plain mirrors-not much style. Thanks for the give-a-way.

  88. I “liked” them on facebook too!

  89. I “Like” MirrorMate on FB!

  90. I like the Permaquid Porcelain White~ currently redoing our bathrooms, so this is a great find!

  91. What a great give-away! I have always wanted one of these mirrors. Thanks for showing me how to install one. Looks fairly simple. I really like the Acadia Dove White. So classic.

  92. Liked MirrorMate on FB.

  93. Very nice mirror frames. What a great idea and addition to any bathroom mirror. I like the Permaquid Porcelain White.

  94. Carol Ann says:

    LOVE your blog…and would love to upgrade my builder’s grade guest bath mirror. I’m partial to the Chelsea Pewter Bronze!

  95. This is what I have been looking for! Redoing my daughter’s bathroom, the Chelsea Brushed Bronze frame would look great with the new light fixture I just bought! Beautiful!

  96. I think the Pemaquid Woods Canadian Walnut would look awesome in my powder room!

  97. Liked them on fb!

  98. Melissa Brown says:

    I have looked at MirrorMate before. Very creative solution for boring mirrors! The Chelsea and Cherokee styles were my faves. 😉 I liked them on Facebook and can’t wait to see if I win!

  99. Melissa Brown says:

    I liked MirrorMate on Facebook!

  100. I LOVE the traditional Bellemeade Traditional Cherry. I also really like the Chelsea Cherry Red. Hmmmmmm now I’m not sure which one to get :)

  101. I ‘Like’ Mirror Mate Frames on FB.

  102. I Tweeted about this giveaway. jrosencr

  103. OOOHH! I love the Mediterra Glazed Earth for my boy’s bathroom. This has been on my wish list for quite a while!

  104. I love this! I really like the grandezza is silver.

  105. Natalie Hatmaker says:

    Cherokee dark walnut….HEAVENLY!

  106. I love the Grandezza Aged Silver! They are all beautiful though!

  107. I also “liked” them on FB.

  108. I like the Gramercy Chardonnay mirror mate!

  109. I liked Mirror Mate on facebook!

  110. Elizabeth says:

    I really like the Bellemeade Traditional Cherry! It would be a great match to the cherry cabinets that are in the bathroom.

  111. Elizabeth says:

    I liked MirrorMate on Facebook!:)

  112. I love the Casco Bay White for the kids bathroom which is all done in a bright be achy/nautical theme. This would really tie in nicely!

  113. I “like” MirrorMate on Facebook!

  114. What a fabulous way to update a mirror!! Love the Acadia oiled bronze frame.

  115. Liked MirrorMates on FB

  116. Tweeted about the giveaway

  117. I would love one of these, it really transforms a room! I love the Venetian Bronze Wave mirrormate.

  118. Love this idea!!! Providence Oiled Bronze was my fav. frame!

  119. This is super easy! I would looove to have the Tribeca Burnished Brown design.

  120. I liked Mirrormate on FaceBook :-)

  121. oh we are remodeling our 1970s bathrooms now. . .we (hubby) built a frame to go around the kids’ bathroom mirror but this would be perfect for our master bath! I like the Grandeeza Bronze. . .crossing my fingers :)
    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  122. Jennifer Hastert says:

    Cherokee slim licorice

    I would love love this…our master bath has the ugliest mirrors and need HELP!

  123. Jennifer Hastert says:

    like on FB

  124. I like the Cherokee Dark Walnut for my main bath, it would go so well with the vanity! Thank you for the opportunity!

  125. I also “liked” MirrorMate on Facebook 😉

    Thank you again. 😉

  126. I love the Bellemeade Traditional Cherry. Would look great in my main bathroom, currently has a wall to wall builder’s mirror!

  127. Liked Mirrormate on facebook too!

  128. I love them all! I think I would need samples to pick one to install.

  129. I liked Mirrormate Frames on Facebook.

  130. What a great and easy way to update a bathroom mirror! I liked MirrorMate on FB … and my favorite frame is the simple, yet elegant look of the Chelsea Espresso frame!

  131. Wow!!! I’ve been thinking on what to do/use to pretty-up our bathroom. The mirror was my biggest challenge…maybe not anymore! WOOHOO!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    The Grandezza Bronze is screaming my name…would be PERFECT!

  132. Just liked MirrorMate on FB, too! :)

  133. So hard to pick as all are really beautiful. I liked on F/B and will tweet about the give away – the one I choose was Grandezza Aged Silver. Thanks Brittany for your great tutorials! Can’t wait to see the boys finished bathroom!

  134. I love the Bellemeade Vintage Silver!

  135. I like MM on FB!

  136. Oh hard to pick! I’ve always wanted to try these in a dated (1927) bath with original mirror!
    Tribeca? It will surely take me a bit to pick! Thanks for the chance and the tips!

  137. Lori Booth says:

    I like Grandezza Bronze! So Pretty!!

  138. Great tutorial! I love it when somebody else blazes the trail and then shows us how to do it!
    I really like Acadia Oiled Bronze.

  139. Pacifica white cap is a real beauty!

  140. I liked mm on fb too!

  141. Love the portage pebbled white….just bought a new house and so wanna win one :)

  142. liked them on facebook…

  143. Debbie D. says:

    I am looking at the white Chelsea frame…classic and would match my teal and white bathroom!

  144. Debbie D. says:

    I liked Mirror Mate on facebook!

  145. I really love the Grandezza Bronze frame.
    Thanks so much,

    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  146. I like Mirror Mate on Facebook.
    Thanks, Karen
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  147. So many great options- I like the classic lines of the soho style frame. Fingers crossed!!

  148. I like the Cherokee Cherry Chocolate frame!!!!

  149. I liked it on Facebook!!!!

  150. Portage Pebbled White is my option!

  151. Jennifer B. says:

    My favorite frame is the Bellemeade Vintage Silver.

  152. Jennifer B. says:

    I like MirrorMate on Facebook. :)

  153. I love the pemaquid porcelain white – beautiful!

  154. I also liked mirrormate on facebook – such a cool product!

  155. I like venetian white wave.

  156. ooh, i like the venetian wave frames

  157. ooh! The Chelsea in Pewter Bronze is my favorite! This is such a good idea!

  158. Only one?? I like the Pemaquid Slim Dark Cherry. If I look through them all again I’m sure I’ll have a new fave. I could really use this in our master bath!! Thanks for the chance :)

  159. Stephanie Bailey says:

    this is great, just moved onto a house with three bathrooms that could use Mirror Mate. Thanks for sharing

  160. Great giveaway-we just moved into a 20 year old house that definitely could use several MirrorMates. I love the Chelsea Pewter Bronze frame-I liked on Facebook and tweeted too!

  161. I love the Pacifica White Cap frame, so clean and simple and pretty!

  162. I liked MM on facebook!

  163. I tweeted the giveaway! (@myscrapbooklife)

  164. I love this idea! The Tribeca Burnished Bronze is awesome!

  165. I love the cherokee dark walnut and the soho unfinished (paintable)..I have a huge builders mirror that I would LOVE to dress up!


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