May I Have Your Attention Please – Morning Announcements

Did my post title take you back to grade school? Now sit up straight in your chair and don’t fidget. ;-D

I apologize for the randomness of this post, but I have just a few things to tell you. I figured I’d roll them all up into a nice little neat blog post (kind of like a sushi roll!)

Sharpie Goes Pink!

In October Sharpie joined the fight against breast cancer by kicking off their “Ink it Pink” campaign. For every signature that is uploaded this month, they will donate $1 to City of Hope, one of the nation’s leading cancer research, treatment and education centers.

I’ve uploaded my pink signature:

Won’t you join in and help in the fight against cancer? More details here.

GMC Let’s Trade Secrets Challenge

If you haven’t entered the GMC Trade Secrets contest, you are missing out on the opportunity to win a trip to LA or New York City where you will co-star with Carter, Eric or Sam!

But, hey, if starring on TV ain’t your thang (I totally understand that), 2nd prize is an iPad2 and a $500 iTunes gift card (Suh-weeeet!)

Upload your photos or video by October 25th and good luck!

Finally, I have some big news for you. I will be starting a tool tutorial series this coming Friday called Tool Tutorial Friday (very creative I know.)

Every Friday I will introduce you to a new power tool via video.

I’ll show you the basics of using the tool. And then open up the comment section for any questions you may have about it!

This is definitely something I have wanted to do for you since the beginning of my blog. I can tell you now, honestly I wasn’t very comfortable on camera. I’m sure you’ve seen a few videos popping up on the blog. They have all been in preparation for this tutorial series. I’m very excited about empowering you with some basic power tool operation knowledge.  I’ll slowly work through my arsenal until I’m all out of tools. I hope you will join me every week for Tool Tutorial Friday! I may have a gift for you as well.

See you next week ;-).



  1. LindaSonia says:

    well, you certainly got my attention. Very much looking forward to the Tool Tutorial!!

  2. SWEET! My husband has a table saw and Im afraid to use it! LOL! Will definitely be tuning in. Great idea, Brittany!

  3. YEAH!! My husband has a whole arsynal of tools but no patience to teach me to use them! He appreciates what you’re doing :-)

  4. Looking forward to the Tool Tutorial!!!! I don’t know why I get so nervous when it comes to power tools. Oh the projects I hope to start!

  5. Oh, this is great news! I’m a SORT-OF handy girl, but I need some of your wisdom and skill. Thank you, Brittany!

  6. Oh I can’t wait! Please tell me that I’m not the ONLY one who actually clicked on that last picture thinking it was a video! Hmmm, how does that old saying go… fooled me once, shame on you, fooled me twice shame on me… lol! Anywayyyyy I bet you’ll do just great and will capture our attention as most of us stand to learn a lot from you. Thanks for venturing out on this new journey!

  7. Brittany,

    The Tool Tutorial (try saying that 3 times fast) is a fantastic idea especially for those who are tool challenged like me. Looking forward to the series. And don’t worry about your video presence. You’re a natural!

  8. Yay – I’m excited for tool tutorial fridays!!

  9. Yay! I’m so excited for Fridays! I was just talking with some friends how I wish I knew what tools did what and which ones are necessary for beginners, which brands are worth it, etc. Thanks for sharing the awesomeness!

  10. PHG Brittany, can’t wait for your tool tutorials! This is something I really want to learn and have no one to teach me. Thank you so much!

  11. I think we can all look forward to you doing Tool Tutes for a long time since you have so many tools, as do I. I will be looking for some new hints. Thanks, too, for taking part in the Sharpie Signature/City of Hope campaign. I’ll be working on mine, too. I bought the pink Sharpies last year and will need to “borrow” them back from my niece who loves them. And…thanks for the pics of the “Incredible Hunks.” Hubba hubba!

    • Lucy, you crack me up (about the “incredible hunks”. I think the Tool Tutorial Friday will only be for a little over 2 months. I don’t have that many power tools, and I’m sure people would roll their eyes if I did one titled “How to use a screwdriver!” ;-D.

  12. Hey, take off that down vest, it adds pounds. Why don’t you wear a shop type apron? I am SO excited. Looking forward to it! Ann

  13. Good idea! Can’t wait – you will be great! :)

  14. Gloria Treece says:

    I think this is going to be fun! Will you be showing manual tools? My main tools are a butter knife, does many jobs, and a steak knife for phillips head screws. It will be nice to actually see how to work the ones I’m afraid of…;)


  15. ALRIGHT! Looking forward to the tool tutorial :)


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