Make Your Own Springtime and Easter Blue Bird Nest

My boys are off this week for Spring Break, so we’ll be breaking out the craft supplies for sure! This is one of my favorite crafts for springtime. If you have time this week (or need to entertain your little chicks) definitely enlist some tiny hands to help with this project. The adorable blue bird eggs are perfect to display on your table or mantle. (Don’t forget to tarp off around the work area.)

Follow the tutorial for creating blue bird eggs here.

Making a shredded nest is a cinch if you have a pasta maker. If not, scissors or an x-acto knife will work fine.

Have fun this week!



  1. This is so pretty!!! Thanks for posting again!

  2. Jen Baker says:

    I’m trying to comment on the Southern Home ticket offer, but I can’t find a place to do that! Please count me in!! Thanks.

  3. love that nest and eggs… too cute. Ohh, how I wish my laundry room looked like that.


  4. Gorgeous! I love the muted blue eggs and the stand they are in.

  5. :) hi there! Twitter follower here. I had no idea you were in Raleigh! Just saw your name on the evite for blogging and lattes and thought I’d say hello! I can’t wait to see you there!

  6. Christie says:

    Love the bird nest and eggs. I hope a paper shreder will work with brown bags too! As always, love everything you do!! Have fun on Spring break with the boys!

  7. Such a pretty nest! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. These are so cute!!

  9. The nest is so real looking! I’ve used my paper shredder before to shred tissue paper for gift bags and just bought some scissors not long ago that have multiple blades that would do the same thing. I like the idea of using a pasta maker!! I’d be more apt to use it for shredding paper than making pasta. 😉

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