Link Up Your Best Before & After Projects to One Project Closer

Jolly good day to you. This week I will be judging the One Project Closer Before & After series. (I’m not sure why I’ve adopted the British accent and the wig.  Maybe to make me look more honorable?) Anyway, consider this your official reminder to link up your best before and after projects to One Project Closer before Friday!!!

You could win a $50 gift card to Lowe’s, Home Depot or Amazon. Plus, a $100 donation will be made to Habitat for Humanity in your honor from One Project Closer.

AND, if that wasn’t fabulous enough, I’m going to match OPC’s donation to Habitat for Humanity. So, if you are chosen as the winner THIS week, $200 will be donated in your name to Habitat! As of Monday afternoon there were less than 50 entries, so your chances of winning are really good.

I’m encouraging you to limber up your mouse and head over to One Project Closer to link up your greatest transformations!

 Last Week’s Winner:

A big “Hip Hip Hooray” to Kelly at View Along the Way who won last week’s Before & After series! Kelly shared her beautiful nursery makeover. You have to see the nursery transformation for yourself! I had the privilege of meeting Kelly at Haven. I wish we had more time to talk, but it was a frantic two days.

I can’t wait to see your transformations! Until then, I’m off to grab a spot of tea.

(aka Pretty Goofy Girl)


  1. I emailed mine over last night. It doesn’t quite fit the theme of my blog. :)

  2. I entered!!!

  3. I totally think the wig and accent give you additional credibility. At least you didn’t start with a pic of your in your ‘no, it’s not bird poop’ shirt. hahaha

    Can’t wait to see your pick!!

  4. Was coming on over here to see your Haven recap. I think you do the best conference recaps because you share thing we can take away. . .you tend to focus on us, your readers instead of you (you know what I mean?) So reading your recaps. . .I always learn something. I want to know what your takeaways were from Haven. . what did I miss out on. . what one nugget did you learn. . . looks like I have not missed your recap. . .hope you are planning on doing one.

  5. how2home says:

    Holy cow, the drapery is so nice! Where did she get the fabric from?

  6. Thanks, British Brittany! You pull off the wig brilliantly. :)

  7. Brittany, thanks so much! I loved meeting you, just wish we’d had more time to talk! I wish Haven had lasted a week just so we could’ve had time to meet and hang out with everyone! (And happy birthday!)

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