Kilz Clean Start Primer Giveaway and Refinishing a Garden Bench

Happy Father’s Day! I hope all you Dads and Grandfathers out there have a fabulous day. We love you and we wouldn’t be here without you! Speaking of fathers, I was asked by Parentables to write about the best advice my Dad every gave me. I wrote about how my Dad’s actions spoke louder than words. You can see a very adorably funny picture of my Dad and his three girls HERE (3rd slide).

By the way, I’m glad so many of you got a good laugh from my prom picture. I’m so thankful that perms and dyeing my hair is a thing of the past. Okay, I admit it, I might have a few highlights added now and then.

Getting down to business. You may remember my garden bench that used to be a Craig’s List bed frame.

Well, it wasn’t weathering the elements too nicely. Or maybe I should say it was weathering them poorly. Regardless, I really liked the bench and decided to strip it and start over again. I believe the main problem was that the bed frame was not solid wood, it was glued pieces. Then, if you factor in that I used spray primer and spray paint, the rain and moisture got in easily and caused the wood to swell and some of the glued joints to come undone.

But, the bench was still structurally sound, so we moved it onto the screen porch and I got ready to refinish it.

Refinishing a Weathered Garden Bench

Safey First, (as Meri-K will tell you.) Because I was sanding and scraping the old paint I had to wear eye protection and a dust mask. I also wore ear plugs while sanding and gloves to keep my hands from getting rough.


  • Power Sander
  • Sand Paper (100 grit & 220 grit)
  • Purdy Paint Tool Scraper
  • Wire Brush
  • Gloves
  • Safety Goggles
  • Dust Mask
  • Wet wipes
  • Primer
  • Roller & Tray
  • Brush
  • Paint
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Clamps
  • Wood Glue
  • Toothpicks


Begin by using the wire brush to remove any flaking paint and to get into the grooves of the spindles (and other hard to reach places.)

Tip from a Handy Girl: I am about to share with you a helpful time saving trick, so pay attention. If you have a power sander that holds the sandpaper with a clip. You can stack your sandpaper. I put the 220 grit on the bottom, then put the 1oo grit on top of that. After sanding my bench with the 100 grit, I simply tear off the top sheet and expose the finer 220 grit.

Sand down the bench with a rough 100 grit paper first, then follow up with a finer 220 grit sand paper.

Secure any loose pieces of the bench. To use Gorilla Glue, you need to moisten the two pieces that you will secure.

Then put a small amount of Gorilla glue onto one of the pieces.

Clamp the joined pieces and allow to dry overnight. (By the way, don’t waist your money on cheap clamps. That little black & orange number below just bit the dust last weekend. My Irwin clamp is a CHAMP!) Check back after 30 minutes to wipe off any Gorilla glue that has spread out of the seam.

Because the posts on my bench were really falling apart, I decided to remove the ball finials.

Use a saw to cut both finials off.

Patch the hole using toothpicks and wood glue.

After the glue has completely dried, saw off the toothpicks.

Add a curtain rod finial on top of the sawed off posts.

It looks like those finials were there all along!

Clean your bench off with a damp rag to remove any sawdust.

Cover the entire bench with one coat of KILZ Clean Start Primer. Want to know why I use KILZ Clean Start primer for all my projects now? Read how much I love it in this post where I used the same primer for painting a bamboo rug. I’m never buying any other primers (unless I’m priming a tricky surface, then I’ll use BIN 1-2-3 oil based primer. But, I won’t be happy about using that stinky stuff.)

After the primer has dried, use a piece of fine grit sand paper to gently remove any burrs or imperfections.

Then wipe off the bench with another damp wipe. I used Benjamin Moore Impervo Semi Gloss paint for the top coat on my bench. It leaves a really tough coating and will hold up to wear and tear.

Roll on the paint in one area. Then follow up with a brush to even out the paint. Remember to run your brush in the same direction as the grain of the wood.

Lightly sand after the first coat has dried and finish up with a second coat of Benjamin Moore Impervo paint. I didn’t add polyurethane, but if you are really concerned about a piece of furniture that will be exposed to the elements, go ahead and add two or more coats of polyurethane.

My bench should successfully last outside now for three reasons:

  1. I moved it inside the porch and out of the direct sun and rain.
  2. I primed the bench with a good quality brush-on primer (instead of a spray paint type.)
  3. I brushed on two coats of paint making sure I got into all the cracks and crevices of the bench.

Here she is in her newfound home, our screen porch:

With zero VOCs and the quality that is standard in all the KILZ products, this primer is a must have for the DIY painter!


Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are products that I use and stand behind. The opinions expressed in this post are authentically mine. I was sent a gallon of KILZ Clean Start Primer and the Irwin Quick Grip clamp to try out, but I was not paid or swayed to write favorable things about the products. If I don’t like a product, I won’t write about it. And I certainly won’t pass it off on my valued readers.




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  2. I would use it on a bench I have outside on my deck that I refinished a few years ago that needs it again!

  3. Love the bench… I want to use it on my endtables I bought to redo… Thanks for all of your tutorials!!!

  4. Loved that bench the first time around and think I love it even more this time. Great sandpaper tip.

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  6. Which project? Take your pick – Potter’s bench, end tables, all of my bedroom furniture (aarrghh!)

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  8. I have a slew of projects in the works, but I think the first project it would be used on would be a step stool for my kiddos. The cheap Ikea ones just aren’t holding up.

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  13. Love your bench. I just showed my husband as he has been wanting to get a garden bench to put in our backyard. Thanks for the inspiration. I would use the KILZ on a dresser that I want to paint to put in our 2nd bedroom. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  21. I have a bench on my front porch that needs the same treatment after a year outside.

  22. I love your bench…and while alot of work, it looks amazing!! I would use it in my daughter’s bathroom. We have been redoing it and now am to the stage of painting the new drywall. Due to moisture in the bathroom, we need to use a GREAT primer like Kilz to do it right! (her husband is deployed right now…so it’s just us girls doing this project, but I have to admit, we are enjoying the process alot!)

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    We just rescued some cutesy tables from the barn that are in dire need of refinishing! I would definitely use this on them and set them out on the front porch sitting area!

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    I love your projects! So many great ideas! I would use it for an old table and chairs for outside! I have used the old Kilz but not the new one.

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    And I LOVE that bench! You did such an amazing job & are very talented!!!!

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    I’m not really sure what project I will use it on….I have so many!!!!! I will probably start with an old dresser that I need to get started refinishing!

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    Thanks for the chance to win!


  43. wow, pretty good job!!!

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    OMG I LOVE this redo! Although it was cute before too! I understand that it did need some work; however, due to the elements.

    Regarding the Kilz primer giveaway, I’m so excited for the opportunity! I tweeted, updated my status, and I don’t know how to friend you on google friend connect, but if I did I would! I plan on using the Kilz to prime a stationery desk that my hubby bought at a garage sale for me for $5. I plan on starting a blog (thanks to @garagesalediary and @junkyvagabond for encouragement), and using this as my first project! Thanks for the consideration :-)

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  48. The first project I would use this on would probably be one of the dressers sitting in my garage waiting for me to refinish…or maybe my Seller’s cabinet that is stripped and waiting to be repainted.

  49. I would use this on two twin beds that desperately need to be painted! Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. Wow! Where has this blog been all my life? I may no longer have to ask a friend to always do some of what I consider the more difficult parts to home projects. Love the way this post was put together step by step. I just did s similar post about making a chandelier but I am so not worthy after having visited here. :-) I’ll be back!

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  58. I am planning to paint my coffee table very soon…it was my grandmama’s and doesn’t match my house, but I wouldn’t dare think about getting rid of it. I also have a dresser, rescued from a trash pile, that I want to make into a outdoor plant display in need of some serious attention.

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  70. Great giveaway! I would love to try out the primer and want to paint my kitchen chairs and buffet.

  71. Stephanie C says:

    I have a headboard & foot board that would be perfect to try the primer with. This was a curbside find & my grandson wants it paint grey.

  72. It does not look like I am the only one who loves the results. Your bench turned out SOOO cute. I love the white with those adorable pillows. I loved it too when it was all chippy and sanded..but the white is so fresh and inviting!

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    I’ve never tried this product before but would love to repaint all four desks in my office the SAME color and this primer would start me off right.

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  79. I would use it to paint my porch bench which I am now inspired to pretty up thanks to your post.

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    I have a couple projects: a pair of stools and I’d like to create a floorcloth. Noticed you wore a white shirt — it’s a sign you are a professional. Within 5 mins. of any project, I manage to have paint globs on my clothing.

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    And I love reading about the Clean Start, glad to know it works well!

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    Love your bench and the great tutorial! Thank you for sharing and for hosting the giveaway. I have a chair that needs to be repainted and would like to try this Kilz product on it. Thanks again and take care, VBg

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    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

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  136. The project I would use this on is, in the next few months I plan on ripping all the carpet up out of this odd little house Im buying and just having wood floors!! so this would be what the kilz would be used on. I love your blog!! =)

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  138. Sweet! I would put this primer on my “stuck in the
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  150. My first project would be the yard swing and a bench and picnic table needing some attention

  151. the first project I would use it on will be my walls. I have an 8-year-old with developmental delays. He had a time where drawing was done on the walls. He drew with Sharpies, crayons, pencils, … anything not locked away.

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    I have a double bed that was mine from the second grade until I got married to my present husband…around 35 years…it’s a french provincial canopy bed and I’ve been wanting to turn it into a bench for a few years now…This is great inspiration.

  155. I would use it to paint over the NASTY walls in the house we’re buying.

  156. I would usethe primer for a kitchen hutch that is an ugly color. It is in desperate need of a redo.

  157. I shared your link on FB. This is the first giveaway I’ve ever entered. Thanks for all of the great info. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  158. The first project I would use the Kilz on would be an old desk that I want to re-do for my kiddos to use for doing homework.…it’s a gorgeous piece, just painted a not-so-gorgeous color.

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    I am getting ready to re-do a number of pieces of furniture as well as complete redo on entire inside of home for my granddaughter. Was going to use regular Kilz, but Clean Start Kilz, with low odor would be so much nicer. It would be fabulous to win a gallon to get me started. Thanks!

  168. I love your bench! Where did you get the fabric for the cushions and pillows?


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