It’s My Birthday and I’ll Slide if I Want To!

I had the best birthday party EVER! Renting this beast was the highlight of the party.

At two stories high, it was the main attraction. My mom was next to go down right after my boys (she’s such a kid at heart!)

Wheeee!!! Oh it may look like I’m scared, but I’m whoopin’ it up and having the time of my life on our own private water slide. Well, at least for 24 hours it was ours. Space Walk of Raleigh really owns the slide. But, Chris was gracious enough to let us keep it for a full 24 hours! Seeing the expression on my sons’ faces when they arrived home to find the slide blown up in our front yard was priceless.

I am still riding a high after the party. I was surrounded by the best family, friends and neighbors a girl could ask for. I am one lucky girl.

The adults and kids alike had a blast hurling down the slide. Even my mom and dad went down it!

If they can enjoy a giant waterslide in their 60’s, I’m fairly certain that I will too in 20 years. (Now you know where I get my youthful attitude from.)

A wonderful friend of mine made the birthday cake and I’m telling you, it was the BEST tasting cake I have ever tasted!

Chocolate cake with real strawberry filling and buttercream frosting. Yummy!

She even used my blog design as inspiration for the cake! It was beautiful. Oh and by the way, it may not look it, but this cake is huge! It feeds 80 people. We scarfed it down like animals took our time eating it over the weekend.

If you live in the Raleigh area, you must look into having Kristen’s Cakes make you a cake. She’s just starting out, but her lack of experience has no effect on her cake making talent!

My very talented mom set up a station for creating artwork. It was a popular attraction with the kids (and a few adults.)

But, after an art lesson it was on to more sliding! Here’s Pretty Handsome Guy trying his best to get enough speed up to vault the end of the slide. There was only one adult who did manage to vault it. Of course, after he did, EVERYONE was trying to do it.

Which resulted in a lot of photos that look like this:

Here’s my little brother, trying to enter the Xtreme Water Slide Hall of Fame.

One note of caution to anyone thinking of renting a giant water slide. Be sure to pop some Advil after the party. You may be a little sore the next day.

It took me some time to read through ALL your comments for the blogiversary/birthday week giveaways. OVER 1,000 entries this week! WOW!

Your comments were a wonderful addition to my birthday. I especially appreciated the feedback and suggestions for improving my blog. Thank you so much!

Don’t forget, this is the last week to enter these fabulous giveaways, so be sure you leave a comment (or two, or three, or four…) on each post. A winner will be picked for each giveaway after midnight of Thursday, June 30th.


  1. Wow! Looks like you had a great time! What a great idea to rent the slide! I’ll have to remember that for my next (50th) birthday!
    Happy Birthday to you..looks like it was a great one!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. What fun I wish I could relax long enough to do this sooo fun!

  4. I’ve never seen a blow up water slide. That looks like so much fun. Maybe I could ask for that for my 60th birthday. Hubby will have 2 years to locate one. I’m glad you had such a great day. Oh, and the cake is beautiful and sounds like it was delicious.

  5. That looks like a ridiculous amount of fun! That cake sure looked good! Couldn’t help but notice the background pattern on it–really nice! You had 80 people at your party? Holy doodle!! :)

  6. Alathia says:

    Happy Birthday! That looks AWESOME! My hubby’s 40th is in a few months and this would be a blast. Not sure it would fit in my yard, but we have some dear friends that would probably let us set it up in theirs!

  7. I wanna party like that!! Love that you had the slide!

  8. Ok for my 40th I demand a water slide… though I would have to celebrate it in the summer as I am a before christmas baby. Looks like you had a ball!

    Happy Birthday!

  9. What an awesome idea!!!
    Looks like tons of fun. And the cake is gorgeous, I’m sure that it was as good as it looks.

  10. Happy Birthday!! I loved the photo of your Mom and Dad on the slide. . what a treasure those photos are. . need to blow those up!! And I cannot wait to check out your friend’s cakes!!

  11. Brilliant idea! I am sooooo borrowing that idea for my 40th. i have a couple years left in my 30’s, so maybe the slides will be even bigger by then?? :)

    and I agree with a previous poster- what a treasure the photos of your parents!

  12. Now this is a birthday no one will ever forget!

  13. Happy Birthday! I get to celebrate my 30th on the 30th! I wish I would have thought about renting a giant water slide…hmmm…maybe it’s not too late, my party is on Saturday.

  14. What a great birthday! Sounds like you had a lot of fun which is the most important thing! And that cake…pure art…it doesn’t even look like a cake, almost a pity to put a knife through it. :)

  15. Awesome! What a great way to celebrate your 40th – I wish I would have thought of doing that! The picture of your son (I’m assuming it’s your son) with that huge smile on his face at the top of the slide is PRICELESS!! Glad you had a great time at your party — keep smiling!

  16. Happy birthday Brittany, it looks like you had a ball.

  17. That’s fabulous! Yay to you on celebrating your 40th with such flair and enthusiasm! Love that your parents were going down the water slide, too!

  18. So glad you had a blast on your birthday. Now you’re a Sporty Forty. Those slides look like they’re a lot of fun. I think it’s great your parents got in on the fun along with you and your husband. The family that plays together…HAS FUN! I absolutely love your birthday cake. She did a great job on it. Could we entice her for a recipe so we can enjoy it too but not as big a cake.

  19. That is stinkin’ awesome! How fun to do that as an adult and why not?
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  20. What fun! Happy Birthday!!

  21. Monique says:

    Looks like you guys are having the time of your lives. So much fun! I’d sing you the birthday song but then you’d have to purchase a hearing aid. :-(

  22. What a great party!
    Your parents are awesome.

  23. That looks like a great birthday party! I just turned 61 on June 9th and I would have been with your parents going down that slide! Wheee! You are an inspiration in your DIY projects.

  24. Awww….sad I missed out! This whole selling the house thing sure does get in they way of stuff. Glad you had a blast. :)

  25. What a great idea, looks like an awesome birthday party. Hope you had a great birthday :)

  26. Cindy S. says:

    So.Much.Fun!!! And what a beautiful cake!


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