How to Stretch Your Own Canvas

Hi, y’all! I’m enjoying an absolutely gorgeous weekend at the beach. We are staying on Topsail Island in NC. Not to gloat, but it is wonderful living only a few short hours from the beach. But, I wish you were here too. The weather is cool, but not too cold. We spent Saturday exploring the southern most tip of the island. There are no roads leading to it. However, if you own a 4WD vehicle you can get a permit to drive on the beach to park and fish. Honestly, because we were walking, seeing the beach used as a parking lot kind of ruined the view.

But, no worries, we went exploring around the point and found plenty of beautiful vistas!

Like this frame worthy gem!

What do you think? I love having vacation photos to display and remind me of the wonderful time we had.

I have been thinking about getting several of my photos enlarged and reproduced via

UPrinting is an online printing company. Visit their website and find various printing services like canvas printing and more.

I have a little tip for you: Having your pictures printed on a rolled canvas is a more cost effective way of dealing with photo enlargements. For one, you don’t have to buy a frame! And two, you don’t pay the excess charge for stretching or the higher shipping charges.

When your rolled canvas arrives you can stretch it yourself! It really isn’t difficult. You can buy canvas stretcher bars at any art supply store. They come in almost any whole inch length. And as you can see, the prices are inexpensive.

I found this YouTube video that shows how easy the canvas stretching process is.

After you’ve stretched it, why not try one of these creative ways to display your canvas(es)?

Get an extra large printed canvas and use it as your headboard.

Photo source: Anemi Hotels

View this tutorial by The Sassy Pepper to create a hanging triptych of canvases.

Photo source: The Sassy Pepper

The Sassy Pepper also shows how to dress up the edges of the canvases. Cute, huh?!

Photo source: The Sassy Pepper



Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by UPrinting. Thanks to companies like UPrinting, I am able to continue blogging and bring you great tutorials. I hope you take a moment to view the products that Uprinting has to offer. Photo canvases are only one of the products you can have printed through their website. Business cards, letterhead, calendars and greeting cards are just a few more.


  1. I would love to stretch our family picture!

  2. I have been wanting a canvas print of the last ppicture taken of my husband and his best friend at our wedding. Itd be a great way to remember suuch a great man.

  3. Wow, what a cool post and fabulous giveaway! We moved into a house this year with a pool, and I have a picture of my two girls standing next to it with goggles, flippers, lifejackets, and most importantly their baby bellies ready to jump in. I would love to have a large print of this picture to decorate our mostly bare walls!

  4. I’m now following Uprint on Facebook!

  5. id like to blow up a peru vacation picture!

  6. i follow them on twitter @desmoinesdealin

  7. I would love to print out some fall photos on canvas to hang in our house. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  8. I’m now following uprinting on twitter.

  9. This would be great for our family photo!

  10. I have a picture of my girls holding hands that I would love to canvas print. It is taken from behind.

  11. I have a beautiful shot of bradford pear blooms from last spring!

  12. I “like” uprint on facebook.

  13. Thank you for posting this. I would never have known you can do this yourself. I would love to have my favorite picture of my 3 kids printed in a huge size for over out sofa in the living room.

  14. I would love to have a picture of my old summer house in Norway on my walls here in the states.

  15. Andrea Skeens says:

    My husband is justing getting into taking more pics and I would love to have one of his photos printed and then I could stretch it and make it a gift.

  16. I would love to get a picture of my twins at the pool this summer printed

  17. rebecca a says:

    I would print an old black and white picture from 1950 of my Granddaddy’s store.

  18. This would be awesome for our daughter’s wedding picture!

  19. Just liked them on Facebook.

  20. I didn’t know it would be easy to stretch your own canvas- very cool!

    This would be perfect for a picture of my 2 boys!

  21. shannon thompson says:

    my little girl won a contest a few years ago dressed as a spooky doll i would love to have this picture blown up and printed out so i could hang it in my doll dinning room =)


  22. shannon thompson says:

    follow @UPrinting

    on twitter
    Sha t

  23. Stacy Grogg says:

    A picture of just my husband and my finger-laced hands as we walk on the beach. Yes please!!

  24. Stacy Grogg says:

    I “like” Uprinting on FB!

  25. Deann Carpenter says:

    I would love some of our family rules on a canvas. With two active boys I need “shatter-proof!”

  26. I love “Like” UPrinting on FB—thanks for the stretching tips!

  27. I would love to have any picture of my grandkids on canvas! In fact I won one recently, it shipped today. I love UPrinting!

  28. I would love to enlarge the picture of my late father and me near the top of Pilot Mtn. It was autumn and he was driving me home from college for fall break. Great memory.

  29. I would definitely stretch a pic of my 2 fabulous sons!

  30. would love to enlarge a black and white photo of our son and put it in the living room. Right now we have a bare wall that we just can’t decide what to do with!

  31. I have a pile of photographs I would have to choose from. I need more walls in my house though.

  32. I would love to blow up a picture of my son’s first trip to the zoo when he turned two. He was hand feeding the giraffes from the observatory deck. So adorable!!

  33. Paul Peterson says:

    I would like to have our family picture put on canvas.

    Thank you.

  34. There’s a photograph of a guitar that I took a few years back that I’ve been positively itching to have enlarged and printed, and this would be *perfect* for that. My husband and I are both very artsy, but usually I make him print/do the big stuff for our house, just because he does more of it and (I think) he’s better at it. But this would be a great way for me to display some of my art!

  35. My favorite picture of my 3 boys!

  36. my friend is a very talented photographer & i would love to choose one of her pictures to have printed on canvas!

  37. A couple years ago the breakup here was very fast due to warm temperatures (break-up is when the snow melts and the ice on the rivers breaks up). We went to our river, and I took a picture of our kids playing naked on the riverbank, with ice floating on the water behind them. It would be either that, or a winter picture of our kids on the dogsled, pulled by our dog.

  38. I have lots of pics I’d love to see on canvas, (my website has a bunch under ‘Inspiration’).

  39. Stephanie Cleveland says:

    me, me! pick me. i have this awesome pic of the 3 of us, with our daughter it he middle holding our hands, and you only see part of our bodies and our arms. she is the center.

  40. This summer we went to Martha’s Vineyard to visit my boyfriend’s family and I took a photo of the back porch of the house he spent his summers in. I have been searching for a company to print it on canvas. This would be perfect!!!!

  41. I would love to print a photo of my girls licking huge lollipops that “grew” from the jellybeans they planted. Expressions of pure joy & bliss!

  42. I would love to have a canvas of my two boys and my mother(who has passed away)…As a single mom, she was always there and so inspirational. What a great wall hanging this would certainly be for the kids!
    Thanks for this giveaway and all your other great ideas.
    Debi B

  43. I liked UPrinting on Fb…Wow, what an array of products they offer…thanks for the heads up!

  44. Yes, I am Following UPrinting on Twitter….
    Debi B

  45. We just got married and I’d love a canvas of one of my favorite prints!

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