HouseLogic Boost Your Roost Reveal Video

It all started with an apple. That’s right, just an apple. The Smith family had an apple tree in their backyard. The apples were ripe for the picking, but Aaron Smith couldn’t get to the tree to harvest them. Aaron was paralyzed after an accident and uses a wheelchair. The Smith’s backyard was a dirt field without any hard scapes or walkways for Aaron to access the tree.

Allison entered the Boost Your Roost contest in the hopes of surprising Aaron for his 40th birthday. Her entry made it through all the semi-finals to win the $20,000 makeover for their home!

Won’t you come along for the journey from dirt to devine backyard? For the next 5 weeks, HouseLogic will be releasing a video a week leading up to the final reveal.

Plus, they will be giving away $1,000 to one lucky winner at the end. You can enter weekly and earn extra entries by answering questions related to the video they feature each week.

Come along and watch the work and ultimate reveal of the Smith’s backyard makeover from dirt to devine! (More details and rules can be found here.)

Disclosure: I am partnering with HouseLogic to promote and advertise the “Boost Your Roost” contest. This is a sponsored post that I chose to promote because I felt that it would be a potential benefit to my readers. I helped choose the finalists, but I was not told what to write about. All opinions are my own.


  1. They seem like a very nice family. I’m glad they won the backyard makeover and I’ll be stopping by to see the reveal.

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