House Logic Boost Your Roost Finalists

Announcing the Finalists!

The results are in and we have six finalists in the Boost Your Roost contest! I am encouraging y’all to head over to vote for your favorite entry (one vote per day.)

Before I announce my finalist, I have to tell you that the last week of the Boost Your Roost contest was emotionally draining for me. I have never seen so many homes and families that truly needed this renovation. There were over 250 entries that were submitted to me. I cried after reading many of the submissions and I lost sleep as I worried how those who weren’t chosen would ever be able to achieve their home improvement goals. Several of the entries were too ambitious for the House Logic budget and time frame. Therefore we had to choose projects that better met these restraints.

Throughout the judging process there remained one finalist’s request that continued to seed in my mind. I pictured being able to make a difference in not just the life of one person, but a whole family’s.

May I introduce you to Allison Smith, her husband Aaron, and their adorable 5 year old son Cooper:

They live in the sunny (and expensive) state of California. Fruits and vegetables grow abundantly in the sunshine state. Allison and Aaron love to garden, they love to be outdoors and would love to have a backyard garden of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. As you probably noticed, Aaron is wheelchair bound because he’s a quadriplegic.  They would love nothing more than to create a yard that is inviting and enjoyable for all three of them instead of a giant barren obstacle for Aaron. Currently Aaron is trapped on a small patio “island” as he watches the activity in the yard but can’t get close enough to partake in the fun.

Allison wrote to me that they are living in their first home and there are endless items on their “to do” list for their home. Fixing the backyard is so low on this list that she feared it would never happen. Her husband is turning the big 4-oh this year and she dreamed of entering the contest to fulfill a dream of an easily accessible yard for Cooper’s Dad to be able to move around and play with him. She also fantasized about him being able to reach the trees to pick fruit and meander around to the front of their house to greet guests arriving for some BBQ.

She sent me a sketch of what she has envisioned. And I have to admit, I think it is really well thought out and addresses not only Aaron’s needs but is aesthetically pleasing.

I truly hope that Allison’s dreams of a 40th birthday yard makeover for Aaron will come to fruition.

Please take a few minutes to meet some of the other Boost Your Roost finalists and vote to change someone’s life. Of course, selfishly I hope you’ll vote for the Smiths ;-). But, I know that the rest of the judges (Kate, Rayan, Chris, Nicole, Chelsea and Nate) worked equally as hard to choose someone who could really benefit from this contest.

Only one more day before I’m headed to Michigan for the World’s Longest Yard Sale on Wednesday. Any brilliant ideas for what I should bring?

As part of the surprise I’m planning on packing a few of my DIY essentials in my suitcase (drill, screws, hammer, nails, rope, acrylic craft paint and brushes.) Sorry, I can’t give you any more hints, but stick around for some updates.


  1. Great Boost Your Roost selection! As for the Longest Yard Sale, I hope you have a great time! We’re having some pretty hot, humid weather down here, even more than usual. I’d suggest packing a rain poncho for those storms that blow through. We’re expecting some rain every day. TWO pairs of comfy shoes, loose cool clothing. SUNBLOCK. A hat. A cooler with drinks and snacks. These items are all a must.
    I won’t be there this year, as I have knee surgery tomorrow, but post updates so I can live vicariously through you!

  2. Tips for your trip? As someone I know used to say “Bring your life savings and a pick up truck”!! ha ha! Have a great time!

  3. Everyone on Funky Junk’s Facebook page says to bring bug spray. I would bring some bungee cords and waterproof duffles so that you can put stuff on the roof rack when you fill up the truck. You need a magnet, and a tape measure. A box cutter, and a traveling exacto knife with cutting mat. Throw in some ribbons if you have them in your favorite colors. Small glue gun? A few pillow forms? A sewing kit. Stuff to rewire lamps? or at least a pair of needle nosed pliers. Still jealous. Ann

  4. I think the ladies above have it pretty well covered, as well as the comments on Donna’s page. Spray on sun stuff and bug spray. You’ll need to reapply often as it sweats off. Comfortable shoes. Breathable loose fitting tops. A sun visor or light weight hat. Maybe some wet wipes to clean up after a dirty pick. And if you have a cooler that plugs into the car battery, all the better.

  5. Congrats Allison! Make sure and update us how their backyard turns out Brittany :~) Have a fab time on the yard sale trip!!!


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