HGTV Call for Single Parent Homeowners and Google+ Communities

I got an email from a scouting agent with HGTV asking me to share this information with my readers. Just so you know, I asked her a bunch of questions before passing this on to you. I asked if this was a positive slant reality show (or is it a mockery style show?) She assured me that it was a positive show where the HGTV crew would come in and give the family a much needed makeover. She phrased it as a “rags to riches” style show.

Unfortunately it is open to US residents only. And there must be a teenager (ages 12 and up) living in the house.

Here is the information:

HGTV is searching NATIONWIDE for SINGLE PARENT homeowners with TEENAGE children to participate in a new TV show! 

Is your house cluttered, inefficient, and in a constant state of disrepair? Have you started renovation projects only to stop before they are finished? Are things constantly breaking down, making you and your kids feel overwhelmed with the state of your home?  Then we want to talk to you!

If you’re a single parent with TEENAGE children, and you own your home, then please contact us at and tell us about it!  Let us know how the chaos in your house is affecting your quality of life as a family, and what needs to be improved.  DON’T FORGET to include photos of the HOME and FAMILY, and the best way for us to contact you! 


Definitely share this with any single parents you know that might be interested. It seems like a great chance for someone very deserving. And please let me know if you are chosen for the show so I can watch it! ;-).

Are you on Google+? If not, it is the newest social media experience. In the beginning I had my doubts, but as Google rolls our more features, I’m really liking the options for communicating. This week Google+ rolled out communities. I started two communities that I think you’re going to really like:

DIY Google+ Community – This is a place to share and learn from each other. A place we can post pictures of our projects. This is a great opportunity for those of you that have been busy completing your own DIY projects but haven’t had anyone to share them with (besides your spouse who will reply, “Oh that’s nice dear.”) Come join us and feel free to ask questions there too!  Nesbi recently shared her upcycling project where she turned trashed cookie sheets into a chalkboard for her kids to write one.

Tutorial Google+ Community – This is going to be the go to place to find all types of tutorials and instructions for completing your own project. You’ll find myself and a lot of other tutorial bloggers and experts here. This is also a safe place where you can ask questions and gain knowledge. Welcome to any and all!

Hope to see you on Google+ soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing the Google + communities, I’ve been trying to find more ways to connect there! :-)

  2. Thank you for posting the HGTV opportunity!! The requirements fit my family and home to a “t”. I would not have known about this except by your post. I sent my Email out today. I credited you as the source. Thanks again. If anything comes of it, I will keep you posted as I can.

  3. No I don’t qualify for this show,but,If they ever do a show for an older adult living alone in a mobile home my mom is your girl..She is 72 raised 4 children, ALONE , worked past 20plus years in childrens room of library doing story hr. and crafts watching these children grow up,finally bought her first place, in a mobile park,only to find out its cold and her porch is only good for storage cause its to cold in winter and to HOT in summer….its dark and please pass this along to hgtv and thank you bunches…

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