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People often ask me how I do it all. How do I find the time to DIY, blog, parent, and keep up with housework. I am here to tell you that I don’t do it all! I don’t usually cook amazing meals for the family. In fact, we’ve had nachos or chicken nuggets more than I’d like to admit. Laundry does pile up, but somehow I get it shoved in the washer and dryer twice a week. Folding it is a different story, because Pretty Handsome Guy folds all the laundry. Yup, I won the lottery on that one. He sits in front of Monday night football, golf or whatever sport is on TV and FOLDS IT ALL. Cleaning? I keep the bathrooms somewhat sanitized, but normally things aren’t picked up and put away until the day before the sweet housecleaners come.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I pay someone to clean my house, but honestly I came to the realization a while ago that I just can’t do it all.

Regarding DIY projects, I have to admit to you that I’ve recently been procrastinating. My poor younger son had been hounding me for months to give his room a makeover. After all, his big brother got his own fabulous woodland themed room. I was just about to start working on his room when the whole kitchen debacle happened. My youngest was remarkably understanding for a 6 year old. He patiently waited over a year as I finished the kitchen. But, after that last shelf was hung, he began his pressure again. Frankly after 13 months of hard core renovation, I wanted to just relax, daydream and smell the roses (so to speak.)

Installling Brick Mural Wallpaper | Pretty Handy Girl

That’s when my friends at Duluth Trading Company must have gotten a call from my youngest. Because they sent me an email telling me that they wanted to give me a Kick in the Pants to complete that DIY project that I’d been putting off. They promised to send me a pair of their Women’s DuluthFlex Modern Firehose Cargo Pants and one of their cool DuluthFlex Sidewinder shirts if I’d get my nose out of the flowers and start working on Handy Boy #2’s room.


With that kind of offer, I couldn’t refuse. Plus, they wanted me to share their Duluth Trading Company “Kick in the Pants” $200 contest with you. Y’all know I’m particular about what I share with you, right? Well, I own several shirts and a tool apron from Duluth and they are top notch quality and comfort! In fact, I wear my plaid crosscut flannel shirt on days when I would rather still be in PJs. The shirt is truly that comfy and soft! To be entered to win your own Duluth Trading Co. clothing, be sure to click on the banner below to learn more about their Kick in the Pants contest. It doesn’t require any physical violence, just the ability to vocalize what DIY project you’ve been putting off. Procrastinators unite and enter to win a $200 Gift Certificate from Duluth Trading Company!


It’s not that hard to admit you’re a procrastinator. Here, I’ll start for you:

I admit I’ve been procrastinating when it comes to giving my son’s room a makeover. You may remember his bedroom as the one with the fabulous reading nook.

Closet Reading Nook | Pretty Handy Girl

Yes? But unless you are a close friend or relative and have been sworn to secrecy, you never saw the rest of his room. Welcome to Nickelodeon green:

Back Camera

I decorated his room with an airplane theme and chose mostly blues and reds. But, they are overshadowed by those neon green walls.

Back Camera

I’ll be tackling his room and providing all the tutorials for you over the next few weeks. Until then, here’s a mood board showing you a few fun things I have up my DuluthFlex sleeve:

Boys Red & Blue Room Mood Board | Pretty Handy Girl


Somewhat related, but a separate topic:

The Nesting Place

You may have seen that my fellow DIY blogger Nester has a new book out. I just received my copy yesterday and am already devouring it!

The Nesting Place

I love Myquillyn’s message that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Why put off your next project because you don’t think the outcome will be perfect? Remove the stress of perfection and recognize that:

Right now, Nester is offering some pre-order specials that you’ll want to take advantage of!

Pre-order your own copy of The Nesting Place today!

Get busy y’all!


Disclosure: I was not paid to promote The Nesting Place. She did send me a complimentary copy of her new book. But, that didn’t sway me to write about her book. The Nester is a friend and I really love her message.  I was sent a complimentary shirt, pants and a gift card from Duluth Trading Company to help me get started on that project I’ve been putting off. I was not told what to say about either of them. All opinions are my own.


  1. Barbara Shively says:

    Brittany – LOVE that shirt!

  2. Man, I wouldn’t know what project to start on. I have screeched to a halt on everything!

  3. I love that shirt too! I need to think about this procrastination project…& think some more & a little more. X

  4. What an awesome and heartfelt post! I’m going to enter for sure. I love the pic of you with the flowers…you look so beautiful lying there. Thank so much!

  5. Great post, Brittany. I hope you don’t feel guilty about the house cleaner. If I could afford one right now, I would have called … like yesterday. I appreciate someone else admitting she can’t do it all! And nachos sound yummy! :) BTW, I got a kick in the pants from Duluth, too ( I really want to try out the sidewinder shirt now. Hope to see you at Haven again this year.


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