Flow Wall Assembly in the Art and Craft Room

The art and craft studio is nearly complete. One of the major successes in this room is the Flow Wall storage under the eaves of the sloped ceiling. I couldn’t be happier with the ease of installation and the storage possibilities.

If you remember my plans from September, I sent this sketch to Flow Wall and they shipped out the wall panels and components immediately. Then I had to deal with pneumonia, water leaks and my littlest guy came down with mono last month. But, once I cracked the first box, it only took me an afternoon to hang the flow wall panels; assemble all the cabinets; and mount them on the wall panels.

The only speed bumps were cutting holes in the panel for outlet holes, but the Dremel Multi-Max (or a jigsaw) make light work of this task.

Here’s a quickie little video to show you how easy it was to install and how the storage is flexible and can be moved at the slightest whim:

Pretty sweet, huh? I love that we can change it up as my budding artists graduate past playdough and crayons.

That’s all I can show you right now. I’ll give you the full tour tomorrow. Can you wait one more day?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for my time and received the Flow Wall System compliments of Flow Wall. However, the ideas and words are all my own. I was not told what to write. I believe you have the right to know when a post is sponsored. Regardless of whether a post is sponsored or not, I believe in honesty, truthfulness, and complete transparency in my posts.

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I love your flow wall. Great how everything can be adjusted to suit your needs. I am suspecting it’s a pricey storage system, but it is wonderful. Going to check out there prices right now. Cheers.

I’ve seen other garage/slatwall systems, but this really seems to be a better solution for the average homeowner – geat tutorial!