Fixing Common Gift Wrap Problems – Guest Post by Pretty Handsome Guy

Brittany came down with a cold yesterday, so I thought I’d fill in for her today and share with you some common gift wrap problems and how to deal with them.  Think of this as the polar opposite of her Creative Gift Wrapping series of posts.

The Squish and Tape and Tape and Tape

Do you ever end up with a present that hangs out of the wrapping paper?

No problem, simply squish the gift inside the packaging as far as you can…

…and quickly fold over the end and slap on some tape. Then use some more tape to close the gaps,

and just for good measure add some more tape. Hey, tape is cheap, no need to be stingy with it!

All done, and the goal of hiding the present has been achieved!

The Panel (not to be confused with the type of pants pregnant women wear.)

How many times have you cut your wrapping paper only to realize that it is too short to go around the package? When it comes to wrapping presents I adhere to the adage “measure never, just cut it”.  I mean seriously people we aren’t building a house here, what you are wrapping is meant to be destroyed anyways. 

Here is the solution! It is called the panel. Simply cut another piece of wrapping paper the width of the gap (or maybe a little wider.)

Tape it on (no need to match up the pattern, no one will see the bottom when it is under the tree.). Bonus points if you can manage to use 2-3 different types of wrapping paper – just tell everyone it is a “holiday medley”. 

Super easy solution and the best part is that you don’t have to go back and cut a whole new piece of wrapping paper.  The environment will thank you for this one.

The Nip, Tuck & Roll

Now we are down to one of the most common wrapping problems. What to do when you have too much wrapping paper on the ends of your package.  And yes I realize most of these “problems” are a function of not measuring in the first place but whatever.

Normally I would simply roll the sides in until they meet the package, but in an effort to neaten things up a bit, you can simply gather the end in your hands and snip off the excess.

Now simply fold in the end towards the box.

Continue to roll the paper in…

…until you reach the box, then smash the end down with your hand to flatten it.

And tape your end down.

Done. Problem solved, any questions?
Adding a Gift Tag (bet you’ve never seen it done this way!)

I found the little key tags that Brittany bought for tagging her presents. Creative idea and all but sheesh a lot more work than a stick-on “To/From” tag.  But I devised a new way to attach them to the gift without ribbon.
Simply grasp a corner of your package and use a hole punch to make a hole in the gift wrap.

Then take a piece of tape and twist it into what I call a tapepick (looks like a toothpick.)

Thread the tapepick into the hole you made in your gift wrap.

Then grab another piece of tape and fold it over the ends of your tapepick to secure them.

That’s it. Thanks for reading my post today. Hopefully Brittany will invite me back to show you how I make a bed in less than 10 seconds!
– Pretty Handsome Guy

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34 Comments it…i had a few gifts like this under our tree as well…do ya'll have a handbook somewhere? But at least you wrapped it and not in a bag! Merry Christmas and I hope she feels better!

Between the 2 of you, I think you have all bases covered! Link, I like your methods, and have used most of them at least once a Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Very nice. I especially like the "squish" and "smash" techniques. I'm pretty sure I've seen my own guy use similar techniques when wrapping up dinner leftovers. Merry Christmas xo

Hilarious! We need more posts like this to break up the perfection.
I hope Brittany is feeling better real soon.


You should see the gift my son wrapped for his girlfriend. I'm wondering if they'll still be dating by New Year's day. Well, I guess Pretty Handy Girl kept you, so maybe Kelsey will hold only my son;-}

I shared this with my husband. Although we had a good laugh as we were reading it, he said, "good job", then said "it's a guy thing." Seriously, kudos to you for posting.

Haha this was hilarious. I've used the panel technique a few times myself. We discovered why we ran out of paper this year after opening all the presents our daughter wrapped. They all had about 5 times the paper needed for the job. She said she was trying to make sure she didn't cut them too small like she has done in that past! Merry Christmas!

OH how i miss your humor! LOL This proves blogging can make anything look official and authoritative! :) WAy to go, I know Eric will love it. I honestly thought the tape pick was a zip strip at first which is the miracle of all miracles for Eric. He could write the book 1001+ uses for zip strips in his sleep. We've used them on shoes, everything! :)

Merry Christmas PHG and PHG! :) Hope you are all well soon!

LOVE IT! I applied many of these techniques myself this year! I even put my finger through the paper after I was done with the package and just ignored it! Looking back, I see I could have benefited from the use of one of those little key tags, it would have fit right through the hole!

My favorite post of the season!! It's refreshing to see perfection fly out the window. Leaves a bit of wriggle room for the rest of us.

Hi Pretty Handsome Guy-

What a cute post. Made me smile big time. Doesn't mattter how the wrapping looks – it was wrapped with lots of love and that is all that matters. Loved this post. I hope you and Brittany had a wonderful Christmas.
My best- Diane

I love it! I have to admit that Pretty Handy Guy's approach is very similar to my own approach when I just get lazy and am sick of wrapping. He's right…the idea is to cover the present right? They are just going to rip into it soon enough so does it really matter what it looks like???? Kind of like lingerie! Haha!

Written and illustrated like a true master. Glad to know that the few presents that I have wrapped, I have done correctly.

John Marble

Thank you so much for the good laugh–that post was hilarious!! Even more so because My Man wraps much the same way!

Oh my gosh, you two are hilarious! Thank you so much for the literal out loud laughs. Good thing my Diet Dr Pepper didn't spray out my mouth and fry my keyboard and computer.

I'm still LOLing. Your husband should totally guest post more often.

~Allison @ House of Hepworths

Oh my stars, I'm new to PHG, and am going through the archives tonight, came across this post, IMd it to my husband, and now he's dying laughing upstairs while I am dying laughing downstairs. That was pure AWESOMENESS! Thanks for the laugh!!

That is too funny. I have seen my Handsome Man and my kids wrap presents like that.
Thank you for the laugh and to know it is ok to wrap presents like this 😉