Family Fun at Hanging Rock State Park, NC

Have you ever been to Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina? If you haven’t, it is definitely worth the trek from the nearby NC or VA area. Our trip was organized by my inlaws and they couldn’t have picked a more family-friendly and fun destination for us.

Hanging Rock State Park is a mere 30 miles north of Winston-Salem, NC and located near the quaint town of Danbury, NC. Danbury is so small that the town hall is in this little historic building:

We stayed in a cabin in the park. Each one had a small bathroom, a kitchenette, two bedrooms, a living room and a screen porch.

If you prefer more rustic accommodations, tent camping is available as well. And I saw a few RVs in the park.

There are many trails meandering through the park.

The most breathtaking hike (I took), “Hanging Rock” boasted a 360 degree vista of the park and surrounding area as far as the eye can see.

We decided that 6 yr olds and above can manage the hike, but will need lots of energy and some encouragement along the way.

The younger crew on our trip really enjoyed the lake. But, I can honestly say, I think the bigger kids (ahem, Pretty Handsome Guy) liked the platform diving boards in the middle of the lake.

The scenery and the bathhouse at the lake were beautiful and I probably took over one hundred pictures, but I’ll spare your browser all the photos.

By far the most memorable part of our trip was the detour outside the park to nearby Carolina Zip Lines. (I highly recommend making reservations before your trip. Not because they sell out, but because you likely won’t have phone service in Hanging Rock.)

After strapping on a climbing harness, a helmet and gloves…

…I got to experience some serious speed on those lines.

And took off from some serious heights.

And, what little wannabe superhero boy wouldn’t enjoy flying through the forest or over ravines like Batman and Superman. The protective mother in me wondered if I should be concerned as total strangers threw my children off platforms 6 stories above the forest floor.

Handsome Guy and I definitely had a blast re-living some of our Costa Rican honeymoon memories of zipping through the rain forests.

Those of us that misbehaved had to walk the plank! Kidding, but it was fun watching our boys zoom across the plank walkway with ease while Handsome Guy and I did a little drunken stupor as we tried to maintain our balance. There really is something to that lower center of gravity.

But, those low center of gravity and low weight boys sometimes had to ride tandem or they’d get stuck in the middle of one of the slower zip lines. Did they want to share a zip with Mom or Dad? Noooo, they wanted to ride with the cool Zip Line guides.

After two hours we headed back to the shop where our boys finagled us into buying them neon t-shirts.

And I snapped a quick photo of this old Ford tractor in the shed.

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying Mother Nature’s splendor:

These early turning orange leaves almost looked like a school of butterflies crossing the trail.

The moss along the trails looked like soft velvet carpet. I couldn’t resist setting up my rings in the plush setting.

I leave you with a final photo of the lake which looks like it is right out of scene from Dirty Dancing or another old movie set at a lake. Will we go back to Hanging Rock State Park? You bet! And I hope to see you there.

Disclosure: I was not paid to write about Hanging Rock State Park. It was just a great vacation destination that I chose to share with you.


  1. As I was looking at your pictures, I was thinking about our ziplining experience in Costa Rica this summer! I would love to know what part you were in (were ziplined in La Fortuna) and then calculating how far this spot is from us (not bad, we could make it!). So funny I was thinking CR and then read that it reminded you of your honeymoon there! Looks lovely….haven’t been to that part of NC for years, but would love to do a weekend trip, and this really adds to the incentive.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I live an hour east of Danbury and can attest that it is an absolutely gorgeous part of our state. If you have time on your next trip, catch a canoe or kayak ride on the Dan River. That’s a beautiful section to travel. There are at least two outfitters near the park.

  3. donna graham says:

    nobody puts Baby in the corner!!!! Looks like a great time. Plus I loce to zip.

  4. donna graham says:


  5. YES! I have spent MANY, MANY, MANY fun days at Ha ging Rock! I’m from Winston- Salem!!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Oh I bet y’all had a blast. It looks like a really fun place. I would love to try that zipping.

  7. Ah, love that queen anne’s lace flower. Possibly the best weed ever?

  8. I love the photo of the early autumn leaves. The orange against the green is breathtaking.

  9. For my 14th birthday I am going to go camping


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  2. […] (the younger ones and Pretty Handsome Guy) a gift certificate to go indoor skydiving. After the zipline tours, I knew our kids were not afraid of heights. And when it comes to being “thrill seekers” — […]

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