Elementary School Library Reveal

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

For a month I’ve been working on the school library makeover that was facilitated by a donation from Overstock.com. This morning I got my emotional reward. I walked into the library ready to put on the finishing touches in the room. There were a few kids in the main section of the library reading. But, when I turned the corner and gazed into what used to be the dark back corner…


…I was surprised to see a dozen kids sprawled on the rug, dog beds and bean bags.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

They were all piled back there and quietly reading! My heart almost burst. The librarian told me it’s been like that since we finished painting. The kids love to hang out there. And not just the younger grade levels, all the kids love it! My heart is just singing with joy.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

Today was the day that I added some LED Christmas lights on top of the bookcases.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

And added the corner branches (cut out of thin plywood and spray painted silver) to help define and create a cozy space.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

The librarian asked if I could add some metal label holders to the benches. Instead of using them to house shoes, she uses them to pull special theme books each season.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

She wanted to label each cubby according to the month’s theme. It was a simple little DIY project. I added little scrapbook metal label holders. But, swapped out the brads for tiny screws.

Instructions: Mark the center of each cubby with a pencil mark. Pre-drill holes for the brackets. Screw tiny screws into the bench. Add a label and you’re done!

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

Just a simple little change took this mudroom bench from shoe storage to book storage.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

The librarian told me that the kids are actually motivated to put the books back in their cubby after they are done. Wow. That’s a miracle ;-).

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

Another piece that makes it easy to keep this area picked up is the new bamboo laundry hamper that stores all the furry friends!

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

I love that it looks like a tree stump!

I have to tell you about this hand-woven soft shag rug! It’s probably one of my (and the kids’) favorite tactile things in the room.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

It looks like grass but is made up of lots of silky fibers. The kids are so adorable as they kick off their shoes and immediately run their fingers and toes through the fibers.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

I also love the cloud sconce which we all agree looks more like a moon than a cloud.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

It provides ambient lighting to illuminate the back area. And is softer than the harsh overhead fluorescent lights.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

The final touches on the space were to add LED string lights on top of the book cases. They add a whimsical glow to the walls and reflect off of the silver trees.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

Those silver trees, aren’t they amazing?! Depending on where you stand in the room, they are either lighter or darker than the wall color. My friend Leen the Graphics Queen cut them and then came to install them with her husband! Those two were so sweet to donate the vinyl graphics to the project!

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

There is plenty of plush seating in the reading area with bean bags and dog beds.

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

This was such a rewarding experience. The librarian and I are so grateful to Overstock.com for donating the funds to give this space a makeover.

Do tell me, what’s your favorite part of this makeover?

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

Want to know mine? This is my favorite part of the makeover:

School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl

I love the sight of a kid that is loving reading.



Disclosure: Overstock.com donated a $1000 credit to shop Overstock.com and purchase items for the library makeover. I was not told what to write or what project to complete. Learn more about my disclosure statement policy here.


  1. The whole space looks so inviting and cozy! I too love to see a kid reading. What great memories these children will have of this space.

  2. Great job! I love the LED lights – they look like star!

  3. The entire space is fabulous, Brittany! Every little detail adds so much. My eyes teared up just imaging how much those kids love this special hideaway. What an awesome transformation! Great job!

  4. Oh ps. LOVE the silver trees and the LED lights. It looks like the wall is illuminated from behind. Such a sweet storybook forest!

  5. Oh I LOVE it! I really wish we had something like this at our local library. We currently have hard benches and some manipulatives from 1973. No soft carpet, no squishy chairs. I may need to hit up the city council…

  6. what a beautiful reveal. This is a charming and imagination inspiring place for kids. well done.

  7. I’m not sure what my favorite could be because it all came together so beautifully! I adore that color blue with the silver trees. Not only the vinyl decals but the cut outs are perfect with it too.

    Also, the dog beds for the kids to use? Genius! I can tell you from lying on many to snuggle with the pups that they are very comfortable!

    Don’t the grown ups get a wonderful place to cozy up and read too?

  8. Star Davis says:

    Lucky to have you and your wonderful family as part of our school family!

  9. Rachel Frasier says:

    The kids love it, but we teachers do, too. I have to admit, I used it as my “safe place” the other day to regain my composure – it did the trick! Thank you so much for making this transformation possible for our school!

  10. I remember talking to you about this makeover when it was in the planning stages and you were so excited about it. I loved the makeover that you and Overstock gave the library… it’s amazing!

  11. This turned out SO ADORABLE Brittany! What a great way to get kids excited and inspired to read!

  12. This came out beautifully.. I love the 3-d branches and the stencils. It is almost magical! Nice work!

  13. Victoria says:

    It is beautiful! I love this space. What’s on the ceiling?

  14. Rebecca C says:

    This is really lovely. Could you please tell me what items came from Overstock.com so I can see what’s still available? Thanks.

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