DIY Chalkboard Calendar

DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl

How did you like Jacque’s Perpetual Menu Calendar? Well, in the spirit of getting organized, I wanted to share with you my easy chalkboard calendar.

DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl

It’s been very popular with our kids. They like knowing which days they have Tae Kwon Do and they also like to count down the days to important events. In the past I drew out the calendar lines, but trying to erase inside the lines was tedious and time consuming. And what busy mom has time for that?!

To create this quick chalkboard calendar you need to start with a chalkboard wall (or large chalkboard.)

Then you’ll need these things:



Using the level, make a straight (and level) line for the top of your calendar. (Mine is 28″ wide.)

DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl

Mark a tick mark horizontally every 4″ (more or less depending on your space availability) for the 7 days. Make 5 tick marks down from the top line vertically every 4″. Repeat on the opposite side. Then add your horizontal tick marks for the days at the bottom.

DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl

Use your vinyl lines to outline the calendar and create the horizontal lines.

DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl

Connect the vertical tick marks with vinyl lines. If you have excess vinyl, snip it short with a pair of scissors. (Our calendar is 20″ tall.)

DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl

In our house I added two calendars. It’s always nice to see a month ahead!

DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl

Finally add one row above your calendar for the days of the week.

DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl

Then fill ‘er up with dates and your family’s schedule.

DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl

And that’s a really easy way to keep you and your family organized!

DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl

But, I also like that I can easily erase each month and change the dates for the next month quicker. Obviously, you have to use a damp rag (not soaking wet) and a light hand to avoid damaging the vinyl lines. But, so far, so good.

Order your lines for your own chalkboard calendar today and you’ll be more organized tomorrow! I also wanted to mention that Leen has a chalkboard calendar for those of you that don’t want to commit to a large painted chalkboard wall in your home!

PHGFancySignDisclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Leen is just a good friend and my go to source for vinyl graphics and designs.



  1. This is a very cool project. I can definitely see how not only attractive it is but how valuable it is especially for children’s schedules. Happy Valentines Day Brittany!

  2. Such a great idea! My house needs one of those.

  3. That’s awesome! I really need to add a calendar, and keep up with it, somewhere in the house!

  4. I think this would be fabulous in my garage. It could help me remind my hubby of his to-do list without me saying a word.


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