Dejavú – May in Review

I can’t believe that June is here! Hooray! June is going to be an exciting month. Hold on to your seats because we have some fantastic giveaways coming up in a few weeks to celebrate Pretty Handy Girl’s one year blogiversary! Coincidentally, the same week I started blogging is the same week as my birthday. And this isn’t any birthday…I will be turning the big 4-0! So, stick around for some tutorials, giveaways and some birthday fun this month.

Now, what exactly did you miss in May:

Spray Painted Bottle Gifts

A Tribute to my Mom

Random Thoughts of a Handy Girl

Photo Secrets for Low Light Situations

Building Ladder Display Shelves

Edinburgh, Scotland - City Scenes

Scotland - Country Vistas

Toilet Repairs - Part 1 - Replacing the Lever

Toilet Repairs - Part 2 - Replacing the Fill Valve

Toilet Repairs - Part 3 - Replacing the Overflow Tube & Flapper

I hope you learned something this month. I know I did! Read about how I fried the circuit in our hotel room in Edinburgh.



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  2. I also just celebrated my blogiversary and turning 40, also! Congrats – you’ve had a great year! I remember when you first started and I thought “that’s a pretty neat idea for a blog” meaning that you’ve got a pretty unique one and we ladies love it! Keep up the inspiration!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  3. Turning 40 is not like they say it is. From my own experience I feel no different than I did at 30,40,or 50. 5-26 marked my 60th birthday and my brain is still working as well as always. I will say with age comes a maturity that we settle into and enjoy life without inhibitions. We have the memories to look back on and enjoy life without all the garbage. PHG you will still be just as great when you turn 50 and 60. Yikes! don’t mean to scare you but it comes faster than we think. You will be as beautiful as you are now. What seems to happen along the way is the inner beauty shines through more so than the physical. I was a go getter with lightening speed up until an auto accident. Now I remain in granny gear with a mind my body can’t keep up with. But I keep on keeping on and that’s what counts. May you feel as great as you do now when you reach your next milestine birthday. An early Happy Birthday wish going your way.

    • Alice, This is the best comment I have ever received on a post. Your thoughts echo what I truly believe in life. I am not scared of 40, 50, o4 60 (now 70…just kidding.) My mom is an example of the old adage, “You are only as old as you feel.”

      Happy Belated Birthday to you! And thank you for all your wonderful comments. They always brighten my day.

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